Love Island fans make desperate plea to Josh Oyinsan and ‘greedy’ Grace Jackson

Love Island viewers have shared their thoughts on the latest episode of the ITV2 show, in which Grace Jackson and Josh Oyinsan were seen connecting in the villa

Love Island viewers have addressed recent scenes on the show, with some unimpressed by islander Grace Jackson who has been branded “greedy” on social media.

Tuesday’s episode of the ITV2 show featured the aftermath of new islanders Josh Oyinsan, 29, and Reuben Collins, 23, having entered the villa. They were introduced on Monday and have since been seen getting the know their co-stars.

Josh has shown interest in Mimii Ngulube, 24, since his arrival. It comes amid Mimii dealing with the fallout of her former partner Ayo Odukoya, 25, having chosen to couple up with Jess Spencer, 25, after he met her in Casa Amor.

The latest episode saw Josh and Mimii head to the hideaway together on his first morning in the villa, after both being on a double date the previous evening. Josh had already suggested that he felt a “spark” between him and Mimii.

Whilst in the hideaway together, the pair shared a kiss on the swing and then headed into the hot tub, where they further embraced. Josh appeared to tease that Mimii was a “good kisser,” shortly before they left the isolated area.

Later sharing her thoughts in the beach hut, Mimii said: “I’m too stunned to speak right now. Like where I was a few days ago compared to where I am now, I’m so happy.” She added at the time: “I’m very much blushing to say the least.”

Mimii Ngulube and Josh Oyinsan in a scene from Love Island.

Mimii Ngulube (left) has coupled up with Josh Oyinsan (right) in the Love Island villa

Grace was later seen pulling Josh for a chat herself. She told him that she’s parted ways with Blade Siddiqi, 29, and spoke about the qualities she wants in a partner. Josh told her during the discussion: “I’m glad you pulled me.” He went on to say that his co-star Grace has “fantastic qualities” and Josh shared surprise over her being single in the villa.

Following their conversation, Grace shared excitement with some of the other islanders. She said: “I just had a chat with Josh and it was like very flirty, like it went very, very well.” Asked if she fancies him, she said: “Yeah. […] That’s what I needed. I needed that like mmph. So we will just see girlies.”

Josh later chose to couple up with Mimii at the recoupling ceremony, describing her as “beautiful” and adding: “I think the vibe that we have is unmatched.” He however said that it wasn’t an “easy” decision, saying in his speech: “I do feel like there’s more than one girl who’s actually caught my eye.”

The situation has prompted reaction from fans on social media platforms like X, formerly known as Twitter. Grace has been urged to “stay away” from Josh, with some viewers having described her as “greedy” in tweets this week.

One fan wrote: “Grace .. seriously not right now! Let Mimii have this.” Another said: “Grace needs to leave josh aloneeeeee.” A third urged: “Grace pleaseeee leave Josh to Mimi.” Someone else said: “So annoyed Grace is after Josh!”

Another wrote: “I’m honestly sick of greedy greedy Grace!! if Josh doesn’t stay focused on Mimii?!?!?!!!” Someone else said: “I’m still rooting for Mimii and Josh but I’m watching him with such a close eye. And Grace better mind herself. Stop being greedy.” Another said about the islander, who has explored connections with the likes of Joey Essex and Konnor Ewudzi in the villa previously, : “Grace just so greedy.”

Grace Jackson in a scene from Love Island.

Grace Jackson has also shown interest in Josh and he’s alluded to her having ‘caught his eye’ too

“Grace. get. away. from. Mimii’s. man. right. now…,” someone tweeted. Another said: “Wtf Grace?? Don’t be a d*** leave Josh alone mannn.” Someone added: “I get that it’s called Love Island, but can Grace leave Josh alone please.” Whilst one person tweeted: “Grace for goodness sake leave Josh alone! He is for Mimii and Mimii only.”

Others weren’t impressed with Josh’s speech. One person wrote: “Aahhhh I was so happy for my good sis Mimii.. Until Grace pull Josh for a chat and Josh’s speech. Likeeeeee. Please give my sis a break!” Another commented: “So wait. Josh had been kissing Mimi all morning and had ONE conversation with Grace yet the recoupling was a hard decision?”

Another person wrote: “Josh????? Why is he ruining it man that speech was NOT it & Greedy Grace needs to back tf up.” And someone else questioned in a tweet recently: “What is Josh doing? What the hell is Grace doing!?”

Some people however have defended Grace, noting that Josh isn’t in a relationship with Mimii. One person wrote: “I don’t like how y’all are doing too much on Grace as if Josh is Mimi’s bf.” Whilst another viewer said: “Grace is single in the #loveisland villa. She’s gonna chat to bombshells.”

There’s also been calls for Josh to focus on Mimii, with one person tweeting: “Bro Josh needs to stop indeed and just stick to Mimii.” Another said: “Josh, please stop this…” Someone else wrote, seemingly amid his conversation with Grace: “Stop flirting back Josh. Behave yourself.” Another wrote: “Hey Josh stop it keep ur head focused on Mimii.”

And defending Josh, one person tweeted: “I like Josh and Mimii together and tbh I feel like it’s fair for him to explore his option and not be married off because we love Mimii, he should do the process according to how he wants and hopefully his decision will be fully on Mimii.”

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