Will glory return to Angelina Jolie?

As one of Hollywood’s most famous stars, Angelina Jolie causes more discussion about her personal life than her artistic products.

“Where is Angelina Jolie?” is the question with which The Independent opens its commentary on the slowing acting career of Hollywood stars.

After 25 years of receiving the prestigious Oscar for her role as a mental patient in Girl, Interrupted , Jolie has not had many works that have caused admiration. The way she portrays her character in recent films has also been criticized for being outdated because she only focuses on eye and lip expressions and lacks inner expression.

Career is slowing down

Up to now, Angelina Jolie’s three most famous works include Gia (1998), Girl, Interrupted (1999) and A Mighty Heart (2007). From the character of a former supermodel infected with AIDS, a mischievous girl in a mental asylum, to the portrait of a wife accepting her husband’s tragic death, all three incarnations demonstrate the female artist’s excellent acting ability.

Coincidentally, all three roles share the same formula: suffering. According to L’Officiel , this comes from the fact that Hollywood and the Academy tend to push female stars to try to escape their 𝑠e𝑥y image to become more free-spirited and have more depth.

In the following years, Jolie was relatively successful with commercial films thanks to the typical La Ra Croft series : Tomb Raider, Original Sin, Alexander, Mr. &Mrs. Smith … and gradually became a woman. However, since The Tourist (2010), audiences have no longer seen her appear in heavy action roles.

Jolie’s career began to turn in a different direction, but it also showed exhaustion in her new character.

Angelina Jolie’s lackluster performance in the blockbuster Eternals. Photo: Collider.

Angelina Jolie’s lackluster performance in the blockbuster Eternals . Photo: Collider.

Joining the MCU is probably Jolie’s most unwise decision. The movie Eternals (2021), which she participated in as the Goddess of War Athena, was criticized for its messy plot, sloppy content, and unclear message. And of course, Jolie’s appearance did not leave any deep impression.

“Angelina’s role seems to only meet the criteria of being beautiful. Cramming in too many superheroes is what pushes the film out of orbit,” commented a film critic.

Those Who Wish Me Dead , Jolie’s other project, also met with mixed reviews. Returning to a dramatic action role after 11 years of playing Salt, Jolie (as Hannah Faber) appeared lackluster because of her limited character role and little room to express herself.

For most of the movie, she just accompanies and takes care of little Finn Little and doesn’t have many action scenes until the end. The character of Hannah is half-baked in the story, and Jolie herself seems to see this as a poor choice of role.

Although she is praised for her still brilliant beauty at the age of over 50, Jolie herself is no longer as sharp with each role she takes on. L’Officiel newspaper wrote: “Angelina was originally only one color during her 30 years of acting, or was it because Hollywood soon realized her true goal and role in contemporary cinema?”.

Hollywood still needs Angelina Jolie

According to The Independent , Angelina Jolie’s career has slowed down for many reasons. There was a time when she was absent to have a mastectomy to prevent cancer, was busy taking care of her family, and focused her energy on the legal battle with Brad Pitt.

Litigation tensions between Jolie and her ex-husband still last today. In the latest documents submitted to the court, the Maleficent star said Pitt was trying to “suck her blood” in every way. The lawsuit to divide the estate in France was said by Jolie to be “one of Brad’s efforts to make her financially exhausted”.

“It’s painful for Angelina to have to defend herself against the lawsuit. The real reason why she voluntarily sold the estate was because Brad forced her to sign a confidentiality agreement to cover up his past of abusing his wife and children.” that,” Jolie’s representative wrote in the document.

Increasingly, news surrounding the lawsuit has obscured articles that “awakened” Jolie’s acting skills. Hollywood really needs Jolie but at the same time always despises her talent, especially after the star’s personal life was exposed too much in the press.

A biopic about the late diva Maria Callas is Angelina Jolie’s latest project. Photo: Deadline.

A biopic about the late diva Maria Callas is Angelina Jolie’s latest project. Photo: Deadline.

L’Officiel believes that, in order to prove that she is not regressing, Jolie must have a work with careful investment in both script and acting quality. Experts expect her to regain her position soon when Maria debuts. In this film, Jolie recreates the tumultuous, beautiful and tragic story of the life of the late opera diva Maria Callas.

“Producers believe that Angelina is a special actress who can play this role well,” Macnab of The Independent revealed. Meanwhile, Screenrant confirmed the results right on the article title: ” Angelina Jolie’s new movie will definitely end a disappointing 14-year streak and make her comeback more interesting.”

Maria’s release schedule has not been announced by the manufacturer. About 3 or 4 other Jolie projects are only in the negotiation process. Therefore, it is too early to conclude anything. After the films were released one after another, experts and audiences had enough basis to answer the question: Has Angelina Jolie’s acting aura returned or is it still fading?.