Travis Kelce makes Taylor Swift feel secure and free, pushing boundaries and giving her normal experiences in the spotlight

Travis Kelce has been compared to many of Taylor Swift’s exes, with many fans agreeing that he’s a lot different than her most recent long-term ex, Joe Alwyn, especially in the way Travis handles himself in the public eye.

And based on a new report, it seems Taylor finds it to be a breath of fresh air.

Taylor Reportedly Feels Secure In Her Relationship With Travis

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift on field

“[It’s] been so refreshing for Taylor not to feel the need to hide with Travis,” a source claimed to Us Weekly. “He makes her feel safe and protected like she has the freedom to be and act however she wants.”

Travis has been pushing Taylor to have new experiences, with some fans shocked to see the couple in each other’s arms in the middle of a crowd at Coachella, given her celebrity status. Some people theorize that their security was likely close by but in plain clothes, though reports say Travis has been pushing the boundaries of what her security is comfortable with to give Taylor “normal” experiences.

Travis hasn’t shied away from the spotlight, even though he’s admitted to never being used to this level of fame despite his NFL career (which has included a stint on reality T.V.). Even his family has expressed concerns about his safety, with Travis admitting he had to sell his Kansas mansion and upgrade to one with enhanced security features after Swifties discovered his address and started showing up.

Being in such a public relationship likely brings a host of challenges, but Travis doesn’t seem to be backing down from the spotlight, especially amid reports he’s making a lot of money from his newfound stardom thanks to his relationship with Swift. This contrasts her relationship with Alwyn, where it was reported that he was never comfortable with publicity.

Taylor Seemingly Implied That Joe Cheated On Her

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn breakup

With Taylor’s 11th studio album dropping on April 19, fans are expecting to get insight into what happened between Swift and Alwyn to make them break-up after six years in 2023. Their fame may not have been the only thing driving a wedge between them. There have been theories that Joe cheated on Taylor, with the singer appearing to drop hints leading up to her album’s release.

Most recently, the globe in Taylor’s Spotify library pop-up included a pain on Orlando, Florida, leading fans to theorize that’s where Joe cheated on her. Prior to that, Swift seemed to be hinting at her ex’s infidelity on the Eras tour.

Speculation initially surfaced following Taylor’s performance in Melbourne, Australia, as part of her Eras Tour on February 17. During the show, she delivered a mashup of three tracks: “Getaway Car,” “August,” and “The Other Side of the Door.” These song selections immediately caught the attention of fans, as they all centered around themes of cheating.

A week later, the rumors intensified when Taylor performed another mashup, this time featuring “You’re Not Sorry” and “Should’ve Said No,” on February 24 in Sydney. Given that “Should’ve Said No” revolves around ending a relationship due to a partner’s unfaithfulness, many fans connected this performance to the previous speculation.

Needless to say, fans are excited to get more details when Taylor drops her album in only a day!