OMG! Taylor Swift gave Kylie & Jason special gift on 6th wedding anniversary.

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift teamed up to create a heartwarming surprise for Kylie Kelce and her husband Jason on their sixth wedding anniversary. The power couple, fresh from their time at the Coachella Music Festival, orchestrated a touching gesture for Jason and Kylie at their home in Pennsylvania.

Amidst the laughter and joy of the anniversary celebration, Kylie welcomed guests, including her parents Ed and Donna, to a beautifully decorated house adorned with fresh flowers and lovely decorations. However, this year’s festivities held an extra special surprise.

Travis, unable to attend due to prior commitments, ensured his absence was compensated for with a meaningful gift. Early in the morning, several large trucks delivered goods to Jason’s house, accompanied by baskets of fresh flowers. Insiders hinted that these generous offerings might be from none other than Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, who regretfully couldn’t be present at the significant ceremony on April 14th.

Kylie marked the occasion by sharing cherished memories from their wedding day, including adorable snapshots of their furry flower girl. Their Instagram stories featured a black and white photo of the couple, beaming with joy as they exchanged vows. In another poignant moment, Kylie remembered their beloved late dog Winnie, who had been an integral part of their special day.

The couple’s journey began in March 2018 when they tied the knot at the Logan Hotel in Philadelphia, just two months after Jason’s former team, the Philadelphia Eagles, won Super Bowl 52. Since then, they have welcomed three beautiful daughters, Bennett (11 months), Elliot (3), and Wyatt (4).

Reflecting on her favorite wedding memories, Kylie reminisced about the exhilarating moment before walking down the aisle, where her initial fears dissipated upon seeing Jason. Another cherished memory was the quiet moment shared at their sweetheart table during the reception, providing a rare opportunity for the newlyweds to reconnect amidst the whirlwind of the day.

As Kylie and Jason celebrated six years of love and partnership, their journey continues to be filled with precious moments and unwavering devotion, supported by the love of family and friends.