A Body Language Expert Reveals Intriguing Details About Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s Relationship

Taylor Swift’s and Travis Kelce’s new relationship seems to be all the buzz, and the pop star was once again seen cheering her boyfriend on at the recent Super Bowl.

A body language expert, however, analyzed the couple’s behavior, and revealed fascinating details about the lovebirds’ relationship.

Taylor Swift has been dating Travis Kelce for less than a year, but they seem very much in love.

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The pop singer and the football player first sparked dating rumors back in July of last year, when Kelce revealed that he tried to shoot his shot at a Taylor Swift concert. After several public sightings together, and a lot more speculation, the lovebirds finally confirmed their relationship in October when they were captured by paparazzi holding hands. Since then, Swift has cheered Kelce on at several of his important matches.

A body language expert, however, was more skeptical about the relationship.


At the recent Super Bowl, which ended with a huge win for Travis Kelce and his team, Swift was once again in the audience, supporting her partner with some of her friends, as well as the football star’s mom. Up until this event, however, a body language expert had doubts about the couple’s relationship. “I was skeptical of this relationship in the early stages, but because she is so full on now, with her emotions, I think this is a real relationship,” Darren Stanton, a former police officer, revealed.


After Swift’s and Kelce’s appearance at the Super Bowl, the expert seemingly changed his mind.


“She’s being true and consistent in her emotions and feelings towards Travis. This is not a PR stunt, this is a genuine relationship,” the body language expert added after analyzing Taylor Swift’s behavior at the Super Bowl. In another instance, the specialist observed that Swift seemed noticeably more at ease displaying affection during the NFL game compared to Kelce. Nonetheless, Stanton acknowledged that Kelce’s reserved demeanor might have stemmed from savoring his own moment. He added that he didn’t place much significance on the intriguing behavior.

“At the end of the day, this is his moment, this is what his career is all about. This is the most important night of his life; she should understand that as well. She’s got her arms wrapped around him completely, it’s quite gushy, she appears to be quite emotional here — it’s very interesting behavior,” Stanton ended his analysis.

Taylor Swift has also been in the spotlight recently after winning her record-breaking 4th Grammy Award for Best Album. Some fans, however, expressed concern at Swift’s behavior when she was accepting the award from Céline Dion.