Exclusive Photos: Angelina Jolie’s Fun Day Out with Shiloh and Zahara following Ovarian Surgery for Cancer Prevention

Angelina Jolie didn’t bring her kids Zahara and Shiloh to the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards last month. Instead, she was spotted out and about running errands with her children in tow on a Friday afternoon. The down-to-earth mother-of-six donned a laid-back all-black outfit for a trip to Optometrix in Los Angeles to pick out new glasses.

Family day: Angelina Jolie proved that it isn’t all glitz and glamour for the Jolie-Pitt family as she was seen running errands with her growing kids in tow on Friday afternoon

During family day out, Angelina Jolie showed that the Jolie-Pitt clan is not always about the red carpet and luxury. The 39-year-old mom was spotted running errands with her growing kids on a Friday afternoon. She looked chic in a black blouse paired with leather trousers and a black blazer. With black pumps, oversized shades, and a classic black handbag, she had all her essentials covered. While Angelina tried on various frames, Zahara and Shiloh waited patiently by her side, making it a casual yet stylish family outing.


Natural beauty: The mother-of-six sported a casual all-black look for her sunglasses shopping trip as she paid a visit to Optometrix in Los Angeles 

The mother of six opted for a laid-back all-black outfit during her sunglasses shopping outing at Optometrix in Los Angeles, showcasing her natural beauty.

Decisions: The 39-year-old wore a black blouse over leather trousers while she covered up with a black blazer

Decisions: The 39-year-old wore a black blouse over leather trousers while she covered up with a black blazer

Choices: The 39-year-old decided to wear a black blouse with leather trousers, adding a black blazer for some extra coverage. Shiloh, at the age of eight, chose to sport a Hackett polo top and shorts with green flip flops for her stroll. Meanwhile, her sister Zahara went for a blue hoody and pale blue trousers paired with brown flip flops. Zahara, who Angelina adopted from Ethiopia in 2006, was spotted doing various stretches while waiting for her famous mother. In a recent interview with Elle Magazine, Angelina opened up about her personal life and shared her thoughts on overcoming challenges.

Casual: Shiloh, eight sported a Hackett polo top and shorts while she walked around in green flip flops

Informal: Shiloh, who is eight years old, was wearing a Hackett polo shirt and shorts as she strolled around in her green flip flops.

Stretch it out: Zahara opted for a blue hoody and a pale blue trousers while she wore brown flip flops

Relax and unwind: Zahara decided on a stylish blue hoodie paired with light blue trousers, all while rocking some casual brown flip flops.

Sharing her insight, the Hollywood star mused, “I truly believe in the saying that what doesn’t break you, makes you stronger. Our life experiences, both positive and negative, shape us into the individuals we are. By conquering challenges, we not only develop strength but also grow in maturity.”

In an unspecified interview, the actress from “Mr & Mrs. Smith” discussed various topics, including her involvement in directing the biographical movie “Unbroken” about Louis Zamperini. The film follows the incredible journey of the Olympian, who, after surviving a 47-day ordeal in a raft following a plane crash, is captured by the Japanese navy and detained in a prisoner-of-war camp.

Down low: The ten-year-old was adopted by Angelina and her now husband Brad Pitt from Ethiopia in 2006

On the hush-hush: Angelina and Brad Pitt welcomed a ten-year-old into their family from Ethiopia in 2006.

Come along: Angelina was seen drawing her daughters near after trying on what the store had to offer

Let’s go: Angelina was spotted bringing her daughters closer after trying out the store’s offerings. It seems like she has learned a few valuable lessons from Zamperini’s tale, remarking, “Just like many inspiring human narratives, it highlights the ability of ordinary people to overcome challenges. It serves as a powerful reminder to never give up and to always have the determination to keep fighting. This story resonates with us because it shows the potential that lies within each of us.” In a recent piece for the New York Times, she shared her anxious experience waiting to find out if she had cancer, a fear that ultimately led her to undergo surgery.

Growing up fast: It's hard to believe how much Angelina's brood have shot up

As Angelina Jolie’s children continue to grow at a rapid pace, she reflects on the changes in her life. Following the removal of her ovaries and Fallopian tubes, Angelina, a mother of six and Brad Pitt’s wife, shared her experience of entering early menopause and closing the door on having more children in a personal essay. In 2013, she made headlines for undergoing a preventive double mastectomy after discovering a genetic mutation that significantly increased her chances of developing breast cancer. Highlighting the impact of the BRCA1 gene mutation, Angelina disclosed her high risk of breast and ovarian cancer. With a history of cancer affecting her mother, grandmother, and aunt, the renowned actress and director opens up about her journey and the challenges she has faced.

Changes: Angelina recently revealed that with her ovaries and Fallopian tubes now gone, she has entered early menopause and will not be able to have any more children

Angelina just shared that she has entered early menopause after having her ovaries and Fallopian tubes removed, meaning she won’t be able to expand her family any further.

Trying time: In May 2013, the Salt actress famously had her breasts surgically removed after she found out she was carrying a genetic mutation that greatly increased her risk of potentially fatal breast cancer

In May 2013, the actress from Salt made headlines when she opted to undergo surgery to remove her breasts. This decision came after she learned that she had a genetic mutation that significantly raised her chances of developing life-threatening breast cancer.

The actress’s bond with her family was evident as she happily spent the evening with her daughters at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards over the weekend. The beautiful star was captured laughing and receiving a loving hug from her daughters Shiloh, 8, and Zahara, 10, in response to her winning the Favourite Villain award for her role in Maleficent.

During her speech at the event, the talented actress, who is 39 years old, shared her experience of feeling like an outsider when she was younger. She encouraged the young audience, as well as her daughters Shiloh and Zahara, by stating that being different is a positive thing. She urged them to embrace their uniqueness and be proud of who they are, even if they don’t fit in with others.

In a playful manner, the actress jokingly advised the audience to “cause a little trouble,” as she believes it can be beneficial.

Change of pace: Her children Zahara (R) and Shiloh were on hand to accompany her to the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards last month

Switching things up: Her kids Zahara and Shiloh joined her as she made an appearance at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards last month.

Off they go: The group were seen leaving the shop and making their way to their waiting car

They set off: The crew departed from the store and headed towards their parked car.