Rihanna Reveals The Moment She Knew She Liked A$AP Rocky, Provides ‘R9’ Update

Rihanna Reveals the Moment She Knew She Liked A$AP Rocky, Provides ‘R9’ Update

In a recent interview, Rihanna opened up about the moment she realized her feelings for A$AP Rocky and also provided an update on her highly anticipated album, ‘R9.’

The multi-talented artist shared that it was during a casual conversation with A$AP Rocky that she recognized her attraction towards him. Rihanna described the moment as a genuine connection that sparked between them, leading to the development of their romantic relationship.

Additionally, Rihanna addressed the long-awaited release of her ninth studio album, affectionately dubbed ‘R9’ by fans. While she didn’t reveal specific details, Rihanna assured fans that the album is in the works and that she is taking her time to ensure it meets her artistic vision.

Fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of ‘R9’ since Rihanna’s last album, ‘Anti,’ dropped in 2016. The anticipation has only grown over the years, with fans hungry for new music from the chart-topping artist.

With Rihanna’s revelation about her relationship with A$AP Rocky and the progress on ‘R9,’ excitement continues to mount among fans. As they eagerly await further updates and the eventual release of the album, Rihanna’s words offer a glimpse into what’s to come from the acclaimed artist.