Marjorie Harvey Finally ADMITS She Cheated On Steve Harvey With Bodyguard

Marjorie Harvey Finally ADMITS She Cheated On Steve Harvey With Bodyguard

Marjorie Harvey Finally ADMITS She Cheated On Steve Harvey With Bodyguard

The entertainment world was rocked today when Steve Harvey’s former bodyguard, Big Boom, made explosive claims about his relationship with Marjorie Harvey. During a candid interview on a high-profile talk show, Boom stated, “I’ve kept this secret for too long. Marjorie and I had an affair years ago, and Lori… she’s my daughter.”


The startling claim has set the rumor mills abuzz, with fans and media outlets trying to piece together the timeline and validity of Boom’s statements. Photos from years past are being analyzed, with some noting potential similarities between Lori and Big Boom.

Reactions have been varied, with many expressing shock and disbelief, while others are waiting for more concrete evidence or responses from the parties involved.
Representatives for the Harvey family have not yet commented on the allegations. The entertainment world eagerly waits for Steve, Marjorie, or Lori to address the situation and provide clarity on this unexpected revelation.

Rumors are circulating with some tantalizing specifics about Marjorie’s alleged involvement with William Freeman, also recognized as Big Boom, causing quite a sensation. In an unexpected development, Big Boom himself has come forward, alleging not just an affair with Marjorie but also announcing the startling revelation that Lori is indeed his child.

Interestingly, the primary source of these eye-opening disclosures is Essie Berry, who’s no stranger to calling out celebrities for their indiscretions. One might recall her challenging Steve Harvey on his behavior toward his former spouse, Mary Lee, and their son Wynton.

Essie seems to be well-informed about Steve’s maneuverings, hinting at his possible use of legal subterfuge and hush fund strategies. Essie is not mincing her words, casting Marjorie in the role of a cunning strategist unafraid to play dirty. The narrative thickens as previously, Essie Berry boldly announced on YouTube her intent to unite with Mary to shed light on Steve Harvey’s hidden transgressions.

This surprising partnership has created a stir in the entertainment realm and heightened expectations among those demanding transparency and fairness.

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