Savage X Fenty: Main Reason Why I Stepped down as CEO(Rihanna)

Rihanna has revealed the main reason behind her decision to step down as CEO of her lingerie brand, Savage X Fenty.

The singer turned business mogul explained that the reason was her desire to prioritize her own personal life, as well as her music career.

Rihanna stated that running a business is a time-consuming task and it was taking a toll on her personal life.

She acknowledged that being an entrepreneur required a level of dedication that she wasn’t ready to offer at that moment.

Rihanna further explained that she wanted to focus on her music and give it the attention it deserved.

She felt that as the CEO of Savage X Fenty, she was unable to give her music career the necessary time and energy. Rihanna emphasized that music was her first love and she didn’t want it to be overshadowed by her business ventures.

The artist expressed her gratitude towards everyone who supported her as the CEO of Savage X Fenty and assured that she would still be involved in the brand as its creative director. Rihanna stressed that she wanted to continue shaping the brand’s creative vision and ensuring its success.

Overall, Rihanna’s decision to step down as CEO of Savage X Fenty was driven by her desire to focus on her personal life and music career, acknowledging that running a business demanded more time and dedication than she was currently able to give. However, she remains committed to the brand as its creative director.