Taylor Swift ARRIVED in Cincinnati, Heading to Travis&Jason’s New Heights Liveshow.

Pop superstar Taylor Swift made a grand entrance in Cincinnati, touching down in the city on Tuesday midnight. The music icon arrived in style aboard her luxurious Aviation Falcon 7X jet, landing at North Kentucky International Airport after a more than 3-hour flight from Los Angeles.

Taylor’s visit to Cincinnati is set to span two days, with a special appearance planned alongside Jason and Travis Kelsey at the Nippert Stadium for their live podcast. Despite arriving late at night, keen-eyed NFL fans spotted dark SUVs transporting the pop star from the airport to her destination.

Witnesses recounted the emotional moment as Taylor’s entourage unloaded four large black suitcases from the vehicles shortly after their arrival. The music sensation’s presence may have gone under the radar due to the late hour, but fans couldn’t contain their excitement.

At the hotel, a black SUV pulled up, and out stepped none other than Travis Kelce, the Chiefs star. Clad in a hat and carrying a bag, Travis made his way straight into the lobby. Reports suggest that Taylor and Travis secured an entire floor at a luxury hotel adjacent to Lidle Park, where they had recently spent passionate days together at Taylor’s villa in Los Angeles.

Taylor’s unwavering support for her boyfriend was evident as she joined him for his live podcast performance at Nippert Stadium. Putting an end to any rumors, Taylor confirmed her attendance after Joe Burrow was announced as the first special guest for Travis and Jason Kelsey’s New Heights live event on April 11th.

The Kelsey brothers are aiming to surpass the live audience record for a podcast taping, currently held by Canadian comedian Mike Ward. With Taylor Swift on board, it seems likely that they’ll achieve this feat, given the exponential growth in their fan base since Travis’s relationship with the music superstar.

As preparations for the live broadcast intensify, rumors swirl that Taylor and Travis will jet off to Indio, California, immediately after the event. Travis’s strong passion for Coachella, as revealed in a previous interview with ET, suggests a quick getaway to the music festival.

Nippert Stadium’s capacity of 38,800 will likely be tested, with more special guests expected to join Burrow at the live podcast. The Kelsey brothers’ decision to host their show in Cincinnati, specifically at Nippert Stadium, holds sentimental value as both are Bearcats alumni.

Joining Travis and Jason for their live podcast is another Cincinnati Bengals star, offensive tackle Orlando Brown Jr. Brown, who played alongside Travis on the Chiefs, shared his excitement for the event on social media, further heightening anticipation for New Heights live at Nippert Stadium.