Travis Kelce Reportedly Wants Babies With Taylor Swift As Soon As She’s Ready After He Agrees To Prenup

Taylor Swift is enjoying her career high, from her ultra-successful ongoing Eras tour to her 11th studio album, The Tortured Poet’s Society, which dropped earlier this week.

But it appears her boyfriend Travis Kelce is already thinking of the next steps, as he’s ready for a family as soon as Taylor is.

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Travis Is Apparently Open To Having Kids Before A Wedding

Taylor Swift hugs Travis Kelce

“Travis is eager to speed up their relationship timeline,” a source claimed to Life & Style. “He wants to marry Taylor right away and start a family as soon as she’s ready. Travis has been so broody that he’s told Taylor he’s open to having kids before a wedding!”

“His fatherly instincts kick in whenever he spends time with his three young nieces,” they continued. “Travis is going to be an amazing dad.”

Travis is already an uncle to his brother Jason Kelce’s three children, and he’s also been vocal about wanting children of his own, especially on his New Heights podcast. Footage resurfaced recently from an episode in which Travis said he wanted to find a “breeder” to have kids with, alleging his mom favors his brother more because he’s given her grandkids already.

The source went on to say that Taylor is on the same page about settling down and starting a family. In fact, their shared goals for the future seem to be what’s encouraged their relationship to move so quickly.

“She knows starting a family is huge for Travis — that’s one of the things she loves about him,” the insider continued. “Taylor and Travis have definitely talked about how cute their babies would be. They’re still not officially engaged, but they both have babies on the brain.”

“They’d love to have twins right out of the gate — a boy and a girl would be ideal — but they’re not picky,” the insider went on. “He wants four kids, and she says three is fine.”

The source even had details about the potential baby names Taylor and Travis are considering, saying he’s more open to experimenting, while the singer may prefer monikers that are more classic, saying, “Taylor’s are pretty normal while Travis has some wild ideas.”

Travis May Want Kids Sooner Than Taylor Does

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce having lunch

Apparently, however, Travis may be in more of a rush that Taylor, as the source claims she’s had to tell her boyfriend to calm down. But once the Eras tour concludes, Taylor apparently plants to take a break from the spotlight to focus on her personal life.

“She tries to calm him down when he talks about things happening ASAP Taylor tells Travis there’s plenty of time,” they explained. “Taylor’s plan is to take a big chunk of time off once she’s ready to get pregnant. Having a good husband and a few kids is all she’s ever dreamed of and, sooner rather than later, it’s coming true.”

This new report follows claims from earlier in the month that said Travis had already agreed to sign a prenup before marrying Taylor, who recently reached billionaire status thanks to her tour’s success. If the reports are true, it seems Travis and Taylor are wasting no time getting serious.