Mary Harvey BACKS Katt Williams & Exposes Steve Harvey’s LIES: Never trust a guy who gives life advice when his own backyard is F’up

Mary Harvey BACKS Katt Williams & Exposes Steve Harvey’s LIES: Never trust a guy who gives life advice when his own backyard is F’up

Girl, when I tell y’all that Katt Williams is determined to take Steve Harvey down, I am not messing around.

He has been going back and forth trying to disrespect him calling him a thief and all sorts of names and with all that he has revealed about Steve – it kinda checks with whatever Steve’s ex-wife Mary also exposed about him.

Now, Katt has been spilling the tea on Steve in the past couple of weeks, but he is now putting his back into it big time because he has Mary out here also spilling the tea on Steve.

In this ongoing saga between Katt Williams and Steve Harvey, the drama takes a new turn as Steve’s ex-wife, Mary Harvey, joins the fray, expressing support for Katt and shedding light on her own tumultuous past with Steve.

Katt Williams has been vocal in accusing Steve Harvey of stealing jokes, lying about his past, and overall being disingenuous. The comedian alleges that Steve used to attend his shows not as a supportive colleague but to pilfer jokes for his own use. He also calls out Steve for embellishing his rags-to-riches story, particularly the part about living in his car.

Adding fuel to the fire, Mary Harvey, Steve’s ex-wife, steps into the spotlight. She has a history of animosity toward Steve, dating back to their divorce. Katt ‘s revelations align with Mary’s claims, creating a consistent narrative. Mary exposes how Steve, during their marriage, allegedly used her life savings to kickstart his comedy club. Despite her significant contribution, she recounts being treated poorly and eventually left with nothing after the divorce.

Moreover, Mary sheds light on the custody battle for their son, Winon. She accuses Steve of physical abuse, claiming that he used a belt and a paddle board on their son, leaving him with injuries. The legal battles escalated, with Steve obtaining sole custody and allegedly turning Winon against Mary.

Mary’s involvement in this ongoing feud brings a personal dimension to the conflict, as she has firsthand experience of Steve’s actions. Her support for Katt Williams adds credibility to the comedian’s claims, and the revelations become part of a broader narrative exposing Steve Harvey’s alleged misconduct, both professionally and personally.

This saga reflects the complexities of relationships, the aftermath of divorces, and the potential fallout when personal matters spill into the public domain. As the drama unfolds, it remains to be seen how the public and the industry will perceive Steve Harvey in light of these accusations, and whether there will be any lasting impact on his career.