Dwight Howard Comes Out Of Closet & Exposes Hollywood Men He SLEPT With?! (Will Smith, Diddy…?)

Dwight Howard Comes Out Of Closet & Exposes Hollywood Men He SLEPT With?! (Will Smith, Diddy…?)

The Dwight Howard saga has taken yet another unexpected twist,as the NBA star is currently embroiled in a legal battle over allegations of an essay.

While Dwight Howard publicly addressed the allegations he’s also facing the rumblings of a broader controversy involving high-profile figures in Hollywood

The Accusation:

In July 2021, Dwight Howard was accused by a man, identified as Steven Harper, of engaging in non-consensual activity during an encounter at his home. In court documents obtained by Radar Online, it’s revealed that Dwight Howard and Steven Harper met on social media and began exchanging flirty messages. These exchanges ultimately led to a face-to-face meeting, during which the alleged incident occurred.

According to Steven Harper, Dwight introduced him to another man dressed as a woman, identified as “Kitty,” and proposed a threesome, which Steven declined. The encounter took a distressing turn, as Steven alleges that Dwight forcibly engaged in non-consensual activity. Steven filed a lawsuit against Dwight Howard, accusing him of assault, battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and false imprisonment.

Dwight Howard’s Response:

In response to the lawsuit, Dwight Howard admitted to exchanging explicit text messages with Steven but claimed that the encounter was consensual. He denied surprising Steven with the presence of Kitty and maintained that the activities that transpired were all consensual.

Hollywood Speculations:

Amidst the controversy surrounding Dwight Howard, unconfirmed rumors have emerged regarding his alleged involvement in a secret Hollywood club, where high-profile men organize parties with much younger individuals. Notable names like Diddy, Will Smith, and Dwayne Wade have previously faced similar allegations. This speculation suggests that such gatherings are not primarily about sexuality but rather exerting control over individuals.

Public Reaction:

The public response to Dwight Howard’s situation has been varied. Some argue that the focus should be on the allegations of non-consensual activity rather than dwelling on one’s sexual identity. Others believe that anyone, regardless of their status or wealth, should not use their influence to intimidate others.

Dwight Howard addressed the allegations and expressed his frustration with the public’s interest in his private life, emphasizing that what happens in the bedroom should remain private.


As Dwight Howard faces a civil lawsuit over allegations of non-consensual activity, the public conversation has expanded to encompass Hollywood rumors involving other high-profile individuals. This situation highlights the importance of distinguishing between issues of consent and sexual identity. Regardless of the outcome of the lawsuit, it is essential to respect the boundaries and choices of individuals in intimate encounters.

The situation is ongoing, and more details may emerge as the legal proceedings continue. It remains to be seen how this controversy will affect Dwight Howard’s career and his standing in the public eye.