Rihanna Is Killing Herself Over Chris Brown

Rihanna is going too fast and too hard as she rebounds from Chris Brown.

RiRi was just in the hospital for exhaustion and dehydration after the Met Gala which in celebrity dialogue means ‘you are partying way too much.

‘ Slow Down! She has allegedly been smoking and drinking pot, who knew you can drink it, but come to think about it if you can bake it in a brownie I guess you can drink it. The ultimate Green Tea – saves the voice – lol.

This chica is drinking and smoking way too much, she even paid a visit to a strip club in Queens, NY that had lady dancers (Hmm… what’s all that about, I’d prefer to see men, to each her own).

Rihanna Is Killing Herself Over Chris Brown

This is just plain old break up drama that we all go through. It’s just all very public because she is a celebrity and the fact that she’s on twitter every five minutes does not help either.

She’s upset because Chris Brown is finally done with her and still with his girlfriend Karrueche. We reported right here at CDL that they dropped each other from Twitter – after Rihanna figured out that Chris was calling her a bitch and a slut in his TheraFlu remix of Jay-Z’s rap.

She is stressed out that Chris might actually marry Karrueche, but she can’t be too stressed because she has her eye on someone else, Rick Ross. RiRi met the Hip Hop artist at the Met Gala and soon tweeted afterwards, “We gonna have babies”. I guess she likes him, go figure.