Angelina Jolie and Knox Enjoy a Day Out at Universal Studios in Los Angeles

Angelina Jolie was seen at Universal Studios with her son Knox, sporting a summery white dress as they explored the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. News had recently broken that she had filed a lawsuit under the pseudonym ‘Jane Doe’, questioning why Brad Pitt wasn’t arrested by the FBI over assault allegations. The 47-year-old actress accused Pitt of pouring beer on her, causing injuries, and getting into a physical altercation with their son Maddox back in 2016. The star seemed unfazed as she enjoyed a day out at the theme park with her son.


In recent news, Angelina Jolie was spotted at Universal Studios with her son Knox following reports of her filing an anonymous lawsuit questioning the FBI’s handling of assault claims against Brad Pitt. Angelina wore a stylish wrap dress and carried a cardigan while Knox enjoyed a magic wand they bought at the park’s shops. The duo, accompanied by bodyguards and a tour guide, had a fun day exploring the theme park and even stopped for a meal at Three Broomsticks in Harry Potter’s Wizarding World.


Entertainment: Wearing a stylish white summer dress, the 47-year-old actress enjoyed a day at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter with her son at the theme park situated in University City, Los Angeles.


Stylish: Angelina effortlessly donned a flowing Wrap dress that elegantly brushed against her calves, pairing it with a soft cream cardigan held in her other hand.


Having a blast at the theme park, the stunning celebrity donned aviator sunglasses and let her brunette hair flow freely as she enjoyed the day. She was later spotted taking a thrill ride on The Simpsons attraction. After much speculation about the anonymous person behind the lawsuit, it has now been revealed that the famous actress from Maleficent was the one who filed it back in April, as reported by Puck News’ Eriq Gardner. The lawsuit requested the FBI to release documents relating to their investigation into the actor, who was accused by the actress of physical and verbal abuse towards her and their children during a private plane flight. Despite the incident being cleared by the FBI, which falls under federal jurisdiction, the actress went on to file for divorce from the actor just days later, seeking full custody of their children.


Having a blast, Knox, a 14-year-old, wielded a mystical wand they had bought at the store before making their way to the candy shop.

Keeping nearby: The mother and son were accompanied by three security guards and a guide as they explored the theme park, enjoying a tasty meal at Three Broomsticks in Harry Potter’s Wizarding World.

Stylish: The glamorous celebrity sported aviator shades with her brown hair parted down the middle and flowing freely around her face.

Fun times: Angelina and Knox were accompanied by Knox’s buddy, who also received a magical wand from the gift shop located within the theme park.

Having a chuckle: Angelina caught on camera with Knox and his buddy.

Chic: Angie styled her Wrap dress with some slip-on sandals that had a touch of gold embellishment.

Hello there! Angelina and her son were captured on camera enjoying themselves at the amusement park situated in Los Angeles.

Legal documents have revealed that Angelina, aged 47, is the mysterious ‘Jane Doe’ who took legal action against the FBI after they closed the investigation into her ex-husband Brad Pitt, who is 58 years old. The lawsuit alleges that Pitt was involved in a physical and verbal assault during a flight in 2016, where he reportedly poured beer on Jolie and grabbed her shoulders while screaming at her. Jolie apparently suffered injuries during the incident and even provided a photo of her injured elbow to support her claims. Additionally, Pitt is accused of putting his hands on their son Maddox, then 15 years old, although he has denied these allegations. The couple, pictured together in 2008, is now facing a legal battle surrounding these troubling accusations.

In a family incident on a flight, Brad was accused of putting his hands on their oldest son, Maddox, although he denied it. Angelina claimed he struck their son, which led to an FBI investigation. However, the FBI decided not to charge Pitt with assault. Jolie was frustrated with the lack of transparency on why the investigation was closed. She made amendments to the complaint on August 9.

Casual: The actor, aged 58, is being requested by the bureau to provide documents about the investigation following a claim by Jolie. She alleged that he physically and verbally attacked her and their children while they were on a private plane. (Image: 2021)

Conflict: Reports from the lawsuit suggest that Brad allegedly physically assaulted Angelina by putting his hands on her and pouring beer on her during a flight. Moreover, he reportedly brought her to the back of the plane, shook her shoulders, and shouted, ‘You’re ruining this family.’ Photo from 2021 included in the documentation. Insiders close to the actor from “Moneyball” suspect that Jolie’s motive for filing the lawsuit was simply to draw attention to the accusations against Pitt. They claim that she has been in possession of the necessary information for years now, according to TMZ. They believe Pitt was exonerated because there was no evidence to support Angelina’s allegations. Jolie and Pitt, whose marriage ended in 2016, share six children together. Apart from Maddox, who is now 21, they have twins Knox and Vivienne, aged 14, as well as daughters Shiloh (16) and Zahara (17), and son Pax (18). When the lawsuit was filed, prominent lawyer Amanda Kramer, representing the plaintiff, informed Politico that her client chose to file anonymously to safeguard the family’s privacy.

There is a lack of evidence to support Angelina Jolie’s claims against Brad Pitt, according to sources close to the actor known for his role in Moneyball. These sources believe that Jolie only filed the lawsuit to generate publicity for the allegations against Pitt. In the end, Pitt was cleared of any wrongdoing because there was no evidence to support Jolie’s claims. The photo is from 2012.

Jolie and Pitt are parents to six kids, including twins Knox and Vivienne, aged 14, as well as Shiloh, Zahara, and Pax, who range from 16 to 18 years old. They have been involved in a legal battle for years, with Jolie filing for divorce in 2016. The filing claims the woman’s children suffered physical and emotional harm at the hands of her ex-husband while on a private plane. The woman has asked for information from the FBI’s investigation to help her children receive necessary care. Brad and Angelina married in 2014 after a decade together, but now face a dispute over a winery in France where they wed. Despite becoming legally single in 2019, their custody battle continues.

The couple has been locked in never-ending legal disputes for almost six years. Despite officially ending their marriage in 2019, their custody battle has continued to be a never-ending saga. Photo taken in 2010.

Trying to Make it Work: Despite facing challenges in his relationship with his ex-wife Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt is reportedly making an effort to spend time with their six children as much as he can. The actor was spotted in LA on August 2nd.

Angelina with her children: The ex-partners co-parent their children Maddox, 21, Pax, 18, Zahara, 17, Shiloh, 16, and the twins Knox and Vivienne, 14. A picture from 2019 shows the family together with their mother.

Nightmare: Brad Pitt Reveals Haunting Recurring Dream of Being Fatally Stabbed After Split from Angelina Jolie The ongoing feud between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie continues to make headlines, with Pitt making efforts to see his six children despite the challenges of their hostile relationship. A source shared with Us Weekly that Pitt went out of his way to fly to Italy for his twins’ birthday, showing how much he cares for them. Earlier in May, he also made a memorable celebration for Shiloh’s 16th birthday, emphasizing her intelligence and potential for the future. Even though Jolie currently has custody of the children, Pitt persists in seeking time with them wherever they are around the globe. He values every moment spent with his kids and is dedicated to being a loving parent, despite the difficulties of co-parenting with Angelina. Following the breakdown of his marriage, Pitt decided to quit drinking, revealing to GQ the struggles he faced with alcohol and substance abuse throughout his life. In a recent interview, he disclosed a recurring nightmare that haunted him for years during the turmoil of his marriage’s end: a dream where Jolie repeatedly stabbed him, causing him immense fear and confusion. In this dream, he would find himself in various scenarios where unknown assailants would attack him with a knife, leaving him feeling trapped and vulnerable. Only by confronting the nightmare and questioning its purpose did Pitt finally find some peace from the unsettling dreams. Through these challenges, Pitt remains focused on his children and his role as a father, determined to overcome the difficulties of his past and forge a positive future for himself and his family.

Even though their legal divorce was finalized in 2019, the ongoing battle for custody and ownership of the Winery in France continues to cause conflict between the two parties.

Back in 2008, this beautiful Miraval Chateau and its sprawling 1,000-acre estate, now worth a whopping $164 million, served as the magical backdrop for the couple’s unforgettable wedding day.

Pitt argues that the sale of the 1,000-acre Chateau Miraval estate goes against the agreement the couple made when they first partnered in purchasing the property back in 2008.

Yuri Shefler, based in the UK, indirectly owns the company, as stated in legal documents designating him as a Russian oligarch. Pitt has expressed concerns to friends about the lengthy custody battle with Jolie and fears she will never agree to joint custody. He believes Jolie may be plotting to turn their children against him in the future, but Pitt is determined to keep fighting. The former couple’s legal separation happened in 2019, but their custody dispute and the division of their French winery have continued. Recently, Jolie denied accusations from Pitt that she sold her stake in the vineyard out of malice. She sold her share to a company linked to Shefler, who owns the renowned Russian vodka brand Stolichnaya, indirectly making him part owner of the winery. Pitt initiated a lawsuit against Jolie, claiming she sold her stake to a Russian oligarch with harmful intentions to take over the business. However, a source close to Jolie disputed these claims, stating that she sold her share to ensure the best outcome for their children. Meanwhile, a source close to Pitt argued that it would have been better for one parent to retain full ownership of the business for the family’s benefit. Despite the ongoing legal battles and conflicting narratives, both parties seem determined to protect their interests and put their children’s well-being first.