Source Shares How Travis Kelce Truly Feels About Taylor Swift Writing Songs About Joe Alwyn

The release of Taylor Swift’s new album The Tortured Poets Department is all everyone is talking about, especially after she released a surprise double album called The Tortured Poets Department: The Anthology.

Despite people expecting her to always have a trick up her sleeve, this came as a huge (but welcome) shock to fans.

One of the only people who probably knew what Taylor was planning was Travis Kelce, who had listened to the songs in advance.

Travis Kelce Responds to Taylor Swift's Tortured Poets Department Joe Alwyn  Songs

A source recently opened up about what he thinks of her songs, including his feelings about Taylor writing about his ex, who fans were sure would be the focus of her new music.

How Travis Kelce Reportedly Feels About Taylor Swift Writing About Her Exes

Travis Kelce attends event

Travis Kelce was one of the few lucky people who were able to listen to The Tortured Poets Department before it was released. Taylor Swift announced she would release her new album at this year’s Grammy Awards ceremony, and she mentioned that it featured songs she’d been working on for two years. Meaning, during her relationship with Joe Alwyn.

Fans were convinced she would address the breakup, and listening to the record, it seems they were onto something. Of course, that led to swifties wondering if Travis Kelce would feel jealous or uncomfortable about Taylor Swift writing about her ex, and a source recently cleared that up.

“If it is about Joe, or anyone, even if it is about him in the future, this is the artist she is and he is in love with her and doesn’t pay any attention to be jealous,” the insider said to “He understands this is a major part of what makes her the person and artist she is and he is no way looking to thwart the direction she takes.”

“He supports her 100 per cent and loves everything she is doing. Joe or any of her exes is not of concern to him whatsoever,” the source added.

Travis’ support for Taylor’s career is no secret, as he has traveled all over the world with her just to see her shows, so it’s not surprising he’s just as supportive with her album as he is with her tours.

Travis Kelce’s Favorite Songs On The Album

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It’s easy to forget that, apart from being Taylor Swift’s boyfriend, Travis Kelce is also her biggest fan. He did try to win her over at one of her concerts, after all. So getting to listen to her album before it was released was a great honor, both as her partner and as a fan of her work.

“After Travis himself admitted to hearing some of Taylor’s new album during the Super Bowl, he has since been able to hear the entire album on multiple occasions and they have talked about the album and what the songs are all about,” the source explained the day before the album was released.

When asked about the Kansas City Chiefs star’s favorite songs, the answers were surprisingly specific.

“He has a few favorites – Down Bad and loml – but he also loves everything he has heard. Why wouldn’t he?”

The Tortured Poets Department is out now, and Taylor Swift will be resuming her Eras tour, with Travis standing by her.