Angelina Jolie’s Vietnamese-born adopted son attracted attention when he did something similar to Tom Cruise’s young lady

Some people left negative comments about Pax Thien’s actions, others did not hesitate to praise him.

Recently, Pax Thien was spotted appearing in New York City. Angelina Jolie’s Vietnamese adopted son can be seen wearing a white T-shirt with black pants and Coverse shoes. The guy wore a beanie hat and a backpack while moving.

Pax Thien appeared on the streets of New York, reusing many old items he had worn.

Many netizens discovered that Pax Thien reused T-shirts, shoes, hats and necklaces in his last 3 appearances. Previously on April 7, Pax used the above items when going down the street in the Los Feliz area. Then, when attending the after-party for the premiere of the play “The Outsiders” produced by mother Angelina Jolie, he also reused costumes and accessories.

The adopted son of Vietnamese origin used costumes and accessories in two previous appearances.

Some people think that Pax Thien is too lazy to change clothes, which is why he dresses like that. Others commented that Pax was frugal and kept a simple lifestyle during his busy time helping his adoptive mother complete her work. Pax Thien’s action of reusing old things is very similar to Suri, the young lady of Tom Cruise’s family.

Pax Thien was adopted by Angelina Jolie in Vietnam in 2007. Thanks to that, from an orphan boy, Pax became the son of the world’s top star. Because he was well cared for and educated, he grew up confident, independent and strong. Since his parents “went their separate ways”, Pax became the breadwinner in the family. He is responsible for helping his mother Angelina as well as his younger sisters while his eldest brother Maddox goes to school far away from home.