Mo’Nique Reveals Why Michael Jackson Tried To Get Rid Of Oprah

Mo’Nique Reveals Why Michael Jackson Tried To Get Rid Of Oprah

In a recent revelation,  the Queen of Comedy, Mo’Nique, has brought to light a decades-old feud between the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, and media mogul Oprah Winfrey.

Mo’Nique claims that Jackson wanted to distance himself from Oprah due to her alleged involvement in the “bash Michael” bandwagon.

The origins of this rift trace back to Oprah’s controversial interviews,

particularly her coverage of the HBO documentary “Leaving Neverland.” Mo’Nique, along with her husband Sidney Hicks, criticized Oprah’s decision to interview individuals who accused Michael Jackson of sexual abuse, despite his legal acquittal in 2005.

During their podcast, Mo’Nique raised questions about the timing of Oprah’s interviews, emphasizing that Jackson had been cleared of charges in a court of law. She pointed out the inconsistency in Oprah’s approach, highlighting the contrast between her past praise for Jackson’s love for children and the recent controversial interviews.

Mo’Nique didn’t stop at questioning Oprah’s motives in the Michael Jackson case. She went on to express her disappointment in Oprah’s handling of various issues, including the lack of a special on the alleged sexual abuse at Oprah’s South African girls’ school and the perceived disparity in treatment of men of color compared to other talk show hosts.

The controversy also touched on Mo’Nique’s personal experiences, notably her claim that Oprah did not support her when she faced industry blacklisting after refusing to promote the movie “Precious.” Mo’Nique’s grievances extend beyond her own situation, as she questions Oprah’s consistency in addressing accusations and controversies, particularly in the cases of Russell Simmons and Harvey Weinstein.

Mo’Nique concluded her open letter on Instagram with a plea for Oprah to stand by what is just and not align blindly with influential figures. The roots of their conflict go back to their collaboration on “Precious” in 2009, where Mo’Nique felt unfairly labeled as “difficult” for refusing unpaid promotional activities.

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This revelation adds another layer to the complex relationships within the entertainment industry, showcasing the challenges and tensions that can arise, even among once-close friends. The drama surrounding Mo’Nique, Oprah Winfrey, and Michael Jackson’s legacy underscores the intricate dynamics of fame, accusations, and the consequences of speaking out in Hollywood. As the story unfolds, it raises broader questions about accountability, fairness, and the responsibilities of influential figures in the entertainment world.