54 Best Rihanna Hairstyles

Pop singer Rihanna is known for her quirky and out-of-the-box style.

Her style is unique, and she looks like a true diva on the red carpet, and most importantly, her bold hairdos have gained a lot of popularity worldwide as the ‘Rihanna style.’

We all love how playful Rihanna is with her style, she seems to love to experiment.

Hair is our ultimate accessory and she seems to have fun with it! Scroll down to check out some of Rihanna’s hairstyles.

1. Textured Wavy Bob

Textured Wavy Bob

This textured bob with curly ends and wispy bangs has a cool, laid-back feel to it. It draws attention to the jawline and the neck. .

2. Fulani Braids

Fulani Braids

Braids are a great way to inject fun and a sense of edginess into your look. Fulani braids with their crisscross patterns in sections look nothing short of stunning.

3. Sleek Side Swept

Rihanna sporting a sleek side swept hairstyle

The sleekness here boasts of unique edginess. The hairdo is glossy and pulled back tightly into a thin ponytail offering smooth finesse.

4. Top Big Bun

Rihanna sporting a top big bun

The top big bun is tied up neatly and offers a powerful and glamorous style. The big bun has a classy and elite appeal.

5. Long Bangs Bun

Rihanna sporting long bangs and bun