Christian McCaffrey’s mom refuses to play Taylor Swift songs: “She’s dead to us.”

Lisa McCaffrey said she loves Swift and Kelce’s relationship, but not right now

Christian McCaffrey's mom refuses to play Taylor Swift songs: "She's...

Lisa and Christian McCaffrey (left) and Taylor Swift (right)Lisa McCaffrey – IG (left) and LAPRESSE (right)

Lisa McCaffrey, mother of San Francisco 49ers running back Christian McCaffrey, recently admitted she is currently boycotting Taylor Swift‘s songs as the Super Bowl approaches. The popstar is obviously dating Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, so it makes sense.


During the latest episode of her “Your Mom” podcast with co-host Ashley Adamson, Lisa said she loves Swift and Kelce’s relationship, but not much right now.

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Olivia Culpo’s special dedication video to 49ers’ Christian McCaffrey goes viralInstagram

“I refuse to listen to Taylor Swift songs for the next couple days,” Lisa said. “I love her, I love the relationship, but we are boycotting any T. Swift songs.

“If she pops up on the radio station … nope. She’s dead to us this week.”

Lisa McCaffrey ‘blames’ Taylor Swift for high Super Bowl prices

Lisa ended up getting a Super Bowl suite as a birthday gift from her soon-to-be daughter-in-law Olivia Culpo, but the $3 million price tag nearly ruined their plans, and she pondered if Swift’s presence was responsible for the outrageous prices.


“I wanted eight tickets together,” Lisa said. “So we felt strongly about everybody being together. So anyway, long story short, they’re outrageously expensive.

“They’re stupid expensive as I don’t know if it’s the Taylor Swift factor. If it’s the first time in Vegas factor. There’s so much going on.”

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