Lindsay Lohan: The pitiful truth about the “girl with many tricks” that everyone thinks is depraved

Lindsay Lohan – “Teen Queen” once of Hollywood – had a sad past that caused her to fall into depression and a depraved lifestyle.

Referring to the “Teen Queens” beautiful girl who once took the world entertainment industry by storm, audiences of the 8X and early 9X generations probably still remember the days of sitting and laughing at ‘s funny movies. Lindsay Lohan. Famous since she was a child and becoming an equal competitor with Hilary Duff, Lindsay was a teenage idol for many young audiences around the world, before plummeting due to a series of unnecessary scandals.

“Damaged”, “crazy” are the words people give to the young actress when she loses all opportunities while her career is at its peak. However, few people know that the cause of Lindsay’s depression and her search for stimulants is an unhappy past, an obsession with her father who abused his wife since she was a child.


Lindsay Lohan – “Teen Queen” a time that many people regret

Lindsay was born in 1986 into a fairly wealthy family. Her father – Michael – inherited a multi-million dollar pasta manufacturing business from Lindsay’s grandfather, and previously worked in finance on Wall Street. Her mother – Dina – is a former actress, singer and later a financial analyst.

With a sharp mind, Lindsay’s parents saw their daughter’s star quality right from when she was a child. At the age of 3, Lindsay was signed to a modeling contract with Ford Modeling Agency, after which she appeared in more than 100 commercials for brands such as Calvin Klein and Abercrombie Kids.


Lindsay Lohan has been modeling for the famous brand Calvin Klein since her face burst into milk.

At the age of 7, Lindsay got used to appearing on television when she appeared on David Letterman’s show. At the age of 10, she played a big role in the movie “Another World” won an Emmy award.

And in 1997, when Lindsay was only 11 years old, director Nancy Myers turned Lindsay into a big star on the big screen with the movie “The Parent Trap” (Parent trap). The film’s great success helped Lindsay get a contract to star in three more films for Disney.

Not only is Lindsay a talented actress, but at that time Lindsay was also a good student. She once refused the role of Penny in the movie “Inspector Gadget” to focus on her studies at Cold Spring Harbor High School. She regularly gets straight A’s, especially excelling in Science and Math. In 11th grade, when work was too busy, Lindsay dropped out of school and was homeschooled.


The roles of twin girls in “The Parent Trap” helped Lindsay capture the hearts of many audiences around the world


Not only talented in art, Lindsay is also smart and good at studying. In 11th grade, she had to drop out of school because of her busy work
After “The Parent Trap”, Lindsay continued to act in many Disney television series such as “Life-Size”, “Get a Clue”, “Bettle”. In 2003, she achieved great success with “Freaky Friday” – a comedy about the unfortunate situation of a mother and daughter who swap bodies. In 2004, at the age of 18, Lindsay officially became the “Teen Queen”, becoming a serious rival of Hilary Duff, after the movie “Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen” and “Mean Girls”.


“Mean Girls” – Lindsay’s most famous film, helping her become the “Teen Queen” and is nicknamed “Girl with many tricks”

Success after success, in 2005, Lindsay participated in the movie “Herbie Fully Loaded” and affirmed her position as “Teen Queen” mine
During this time, Lindsay also ventured into music with the album “Speak”. MV “Rumors” Her work was once very popular with young audiences
By 2006, Lindsay had a failure with the movie “Just My Luck”. After that, she moved on to try more serious films, typically “A Prairie Home Companion” which she co-stars with veteran star Meryl Streep. Lindsay’s performance was highly praised by Meryl, showing that Lindsay is not simply an entertainment movie star.


Lindsay’s acting once made veteran star Meryl Streep sob in praise

While her career is at its peak and on the rise, Lindsay can absolutely rise to become a superstar no less than names like Anne Hathaway, Scarlett Johansson or even a future Meryl Streep. However, at this time, Lindsay began to fall into a lifestyle of partying, drug addiction, constantly going to jail and committing crimes, and along with that, her career plummeted.


From 2005 onwards, Lindsay shocked many people when she lost more and more weight, her body was skinny to the point of being skeletal. Many viewers think she is suffering from an eating disorder


2006 was the first time Lindsay had to go to a rehab center. Since then, pictures of the actress drunk, sometimes even unconscious, have appeared in the newspapers regularly.


The star is also a “familiar” face. for prison. Sometimes he was arrested for driving under the influence of drugs, found in possession of drugs, sometimes because he did not appear in court as ordered by the court.


The court is also a place where Lindsay often “visits”. In the photo is when she was handcuffed and escorted out of court after violating the conditions of her suspended prison sentence in 2011.


The image of her sobbing in court when she was sentenced to 90 days in prison


Abusing plastic surgery, alcohol, drugs, etc. caused Lindsay’s attractive beauty to fade quickly.

Amidst a series of scandals, Lindsay tried many times to revive her career with a number of film projects but all failed miserably. Since 2006, people only remember the name Lindsay Lohan through scandals. From “Teen Queen”, she became “Scandal Queen”. Lindsay’s career is now at a dead end, the star is even bankrupt and has no money to pay taxes.

Since then, Lindsay has been considered a spoiled star, a bad example that parents do not want their children to follow. However, few people notice that behind that depravity is actually a girl suffering from the lack of fatherly love, because of the obsession of a family that has been in turmoil since her childhood.


Lindsay had an unhappy childhood when her parents were always quarreling and arguing

When Lindsay was 3 years old, her parents separated once and then reunited. By 2005, Michael and Dina Lohan separated again, then completed the divorce procedure two years later – also the time when Lindsay’s rebellion had no end.

The time living with Michael was torture for Dina, Lindsay’s mother recounted: “Lindsay witnessed her father insult and torture me, that’s why she was scared. It has seen too many crazy things. Michael beat me to death”.


Lindsay Lohan’s mother – Dina – showed a photo of her bruised face in the past as evidence of her husband’s abuse

According to Dina, it was seeing her mother being abused and beaten by her father that haunted and tormented Lindsay mentally from the time she was a child until she grew up. The actress was also the one who advised her mother to speak up about her father’s violent actions.

“Lindsay witnessed her father abuse me. That’s why it’s like this. She had to see many terrible things. I want everyone to know the source of the problems it faces. Lindsay witnessed the beatings and begged me not to leave her,” Dina shared.


Lindsay with her mother and sister as a child

Lindsay even expressed her suffering in the MV for the song “Confessions of a broken heart (Daughter to father)” (Confession of a broken heart – From a daughter to her father). In it, Lindsay told the audience in detail how much pain she and her sister had to endure every time her father got angry and beat her mother without thinking about the little children.

“I dream of another father, one who won’t leave me alone to pick up the pieces. A father hugs his child, that’s what he needs. Why do you have to go?… From my daughter to you. Tell me the truth, did you ever love me?”, each lyric that Lindsay sings seems to make the listener’s heart ache because of her unhappy childhood.

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