NHL – (VIDEO) Connor McDavid is the best of the bunch. NHL All-Star Game Master Show Results

Yesterday, at 21:00 Central European Time, in Toronto, Canada, the NHL All-Star Game took place at Scotiabank Arena.

VIDEO. Connor McDavid is the best of the bunch. NHL All-Star Game Master Show Results

Photo: NHL page in X/Author unknown

Traditionally, a day before this event, a master show unfolded, featuring nine competitions. The triumphant figure emerged as the central forward and captain of the Edmonton Oilers, Connor McDavid.

The inaugural contest was a speed race, where Connor McDavid promptly seized the top spot, clocking in at 13.408 seconds. Notably, he had previously claimed victory in this competition in 2017, 2018, and 2019.

Fastenal NHL Fastest Skater

      Connor McDavid (Edmonton) – 13.408 seconds (5 points in the overall standings)


      Matthew Barzal (Islanders) – 13.519 (4 points)


      Quinn Hughes (Vancouver) – 14.088 (3 points)


      Cale Makar (Colorado) – 14.089 (2 points)


    William Nylander (Toronto) – 14.164 (1 point)

The subsequent competition was a precision passing challenge, where Elias Pettersson of the Vancouver Canucks exhibited exceptional accuracy.

Scotiabank NHL Passing Challenge

        Elias Pettersson (Vancouver) – 25 points (5 points)


        Cale Makar (Colorado) – 23 points (4 points)


        Matthew Barzal (Islanders) – 21 points (3 points)


        Auston Matthews (Toronto) – 19 points (2 points)


        William Nylander (Toronto) – 16 points (1 point)


        Quinn Hughes (Vancouver) – 15 points


        Nathan MacKinnon (Colorado) – 13 points


        Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl (both from Edmonton) – 12 points each


        J.T. Miller (Vancouver) – 7 points


      Nikita Kucherov (Tampa) – 5 points

The subsequent contest determined the player with the most powerful shot, with Cale Makar of Colorado delivering the strongest performance.

Rogers NHL Hardest Shot

      Cale Makar (Colorado) – 164.96 kilometers per hour (5 points)


      J.T. Miller (Vancouver) – 164.64 km/h (4 points)


      Elias Pettersson (Vancouver) – 157.71 km/h (3 points)


      Auston Matthews (Toronto) – 154.5 km/h (2 points)


    David Pastrnak (Boston) – 152.89 km/h (1 point)

Another trial involved stick handling, where participants had to navigate through various tasks involving puck control in minimal time. Connor McDavid emerged victorious in this challenge.

Upper Deck NHL Stick Handling

      Connor McDavid (Edmonton) – 25.755 seconds (5 points)


      Matthew Barzal (Islanders) – 26.929 seconds (4 points)


      William Nylander (Toronto) – 27.272 seconds (3 points)


      Nathan MacKinnon (Colorado) – 27.715 seconds (2 points)


      Leon Draisaitl (Edmonton) – 28.677 seconds (1 point)


      Quinn Hughes (Vancouver) – 29.038 seconds


      Elias Pettersson (Vancouver) – 29.526 seconds (did not complete)


      David Pastrnak (Boston) – 38.488 seconds


    Nikita Kucherov (Tampa) – 44.178 seconds

Subsequently, Connor McDavid secured another victory, this time in the accuracy shooting competition. The captain of Edmonton knocked down four targets with four shots in 9.158 seconds, surpassing Auston Matthews (Toronto, 9.341 seconds).

Cheetos NHL Accuracy Shooting

      Connor McDavid (Edmonton) – 9.158 seconds (5 points)


      Auston Matthews (Toronto) – 9.341 seconds (4 points)


      J.T. Miller (Vancouver) – 13.587 seconds (3 points)


      William Nylander (Toronto) – 14.099 seconds (2 points)


      Quinn Hughes (Vancouver) – 14.815 seconds (1 point)


      Nathan MacKinnon (Colorado) – 15.958 seconds


      Nikita Kucherov (Tampa) – 16.46 seconds


      Cale Makar (Colorado) – 19.069 seconds


      David Pastrnak (Boston) – 19.67 seconds


    Leon Draisaitl (Edmonton) – 46.089 seconds

Following these competitions, a shootout contest ensued, where each skater had one minute to attempt the maximum number of shots against the same goaltender. The first five successful attempts earned one point each, while the sixth and subsequent attempts garnered two points. The winner of this event was William Nylander from Toronto.

Honda/Hyundai NHL One-on-One

      William Nylander (Toronto) against Cam Talbot (Los Angeles) – 9 points (5 points)


      Auston Matthews (Toronto) against Thatcher Demko (Vancouver) – 7 points (4 points)


      J.T. Miller (Vancouver) against Jeremy Swayman (Boston), Matthew Barzal against Igor Shesterkin – 6 points each (2.5 points)


      Cale Makar (Colorado) against Connor Hellebuyck (Winnipeg) – 4 points (1 point)


      Elias Pettersson (Vancouver) against Jake Oettinger (Dallas), Connor McDavid (Edmonton) against Alexandar Georgiev (Colorado) – 3 points each


    Nathan MacKinnon (Colorado) against Sergei Bobrovsky (Florida) – 2 points

The final challenge was the obstacle course, involving the top six players from the previous seven competitions. In the ultimate round, players maneuvered the puck, aimed at small goals, navigated barriers resembling Pepsi cans, and concluded with a shot on goal partially shielded by a board. Once again, Connor McDavid emerged triumphant.

Pepsi NHL Obstacle Course

      Connor McDavid (Edmonton) – 40.606 seconds (10 points)


      Cale Makar (Colorado) – 43.435 seconds (8 points)


      Auston Matthews (Toronto) – 47.271 seconds (6 points)


      William Nylander (Toronto) – 49.065 seconds (4 points)


      J.T. Miller (Vancouver) – 49.351 seconds (2 points)


    Matthew Barzal (Islanders) – 1 minute 16 seconds (1 point)

After all these competitions, Connor McDavid claimed the overall victory, securing a prize of $1 million.

2024 NHL All-Star Skills

      Connor McDavid (Edmonton) – 25 points


      Cale Makar (Colorado) – 20 points


      Auston Matthews (Toronto) – 18 points


      William Nylander (Toronto) – 16 points


      Matthew Barzal (Islanders) – 13.5 points


      J.T. Miller (Vancouver) – 12 points


      Elias Pettersson (Vancouver) – 10 points


      Nathan MacKinnon (Colorado) – 7 points


      David Pastrnak (Boston), Leon Draisaitl (Edmonton) – 4.5 points


      Quinn Hughes (Vancouver) – 4 points


    Nikita Kucherov (Tampa) – 0.5 points

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