All about Charlie Axel Woods…The man expected to create records that surpass his father

Tiger Woods’ golfer son Charlie is his mini-me both on and off the green

Tiger Woods of The United States poses with his son Charlie Woods on the first tee during the Friday pro-am as a preview for the 2022 PNC Championship


Tiger Woods’ son is following in his footsteps.

The pro golfer’s youngest child, Charlie Axel Woods, 14, is quickly making a name for himself in the sport, playing alongside his father in several major tournaments.

“I don’t think words can describe it,” Tiger told reporters after the pair’s first tournament together in 2020. “Just the fact that we were able to have this experience together, Charlie and I, it’s memories for a lifetime.”

Charlie is already skilled with a club, but Tiger has made it clear that his son is “his own person” and can follow his own path in life.

“I’m proud of whatever direction he chooses, whether he sticks with the game or not,” he said in an interview with PGA.

Tiger welcomed Charlie with his ex-wife, Elin Nordegren, in February 2009. Two years prior, they welcomed their daughter, Sam Alexis Woods. He Nordegren ultimately went their separate ways in 2010.

Here’s everything to know about Tiger Woods’ son, Charlie Axel Woods.

He was born in 2009

Charlie Woods the son of Tiger Woods


Tiger and Nordegren welcomed their second child on Feb. 8, 2009, nearly two years after their daughter Sam Alexis was born.

The golfer announced the big news on his website, saying, “We want to thank everyone for their sincere best wishes and kind thoughts. Sam is very excited to be a big sister and we feel truly blessed to have such a wonderful family … We look forward to introducing Charlie to you at the appropriate time.” He also added that Nordegren and the baby were “doing great.”

Charlie’s name has a sentimental meaning

Tiger Woods and Charlie Woods during the Pro-Am


Tiger explained on his website that the name Charlie was one of a few options they had in mind, and when he was born, they felt it “just fit.” His middle name was already planned, as it holds special meaning to the family.

“As far as the Axel, that’s Elin’s brother’s name so we wanted to make sure it stayed in the family,” he wrote.

He’s been a mainstay on the sidelines since he was little

Charlie Woods, Elin Woods, Josefin Nordegren and Sam Woods


Charlie and his sister have long been fixtures at their dad’s tournaments. They were both pictured getting a kiss at the 2009 AT&T National when Charlie was just a baby. As they got older, their responsibilities grew — both kids were spotted caddying for Tiger at the Par 3 Contest for the Masters in 2015, wearing matching uniforms.

Charlie also supported his dad at his 2022 Golf Hall of Fame induction ceremony, where his sister Sam gave an introduction speech. “Having Sam introduce me and my family there watching, it made it even that more special,” Tiger wrote beside a family photo of the event on Instagram.

Tiger credits his son with helping with his car crash recovery

Tiger Woods and Charlie Woods hug on the 18th hole during the final round of the PNC Championship


An insider told PEOPLE that Tiger “lives for” his kids following a harrowing car crash he experienced in February 2021.

“Being a dad has helped him stay focused on his recovery,” the source said. “At times, it’s been very difficult for him both physically and mentally. His leg injuries caused him extreme pain … He has worked very hard in physical therapy. He is a fighter and has been determined to get better, though.”

Tiger is his son’s golf coach — and caddy at times

Tiger Woods and Charlie Woods celebrate a birdie on the 12th hole during the final round of the PNC Championship at the Ritz Carlton Golf Club Grande Lakes on December 19, 2021 in Orlando, Florida.


Charlie is proving to be a great golfer in his own right, but he’s had a little help from his pops. Tiger was coached by his own father, Earl Woods, who was “very strict” despite being Tiger’s “greatest role model.” Tiger tries to keep it a little lighter with his son.

“Tiger loves spending time with Charlie on the golf course, but he has a completely different vibe than Earl had while working with him,” a source told PEOPLE in 2020.

“They’re all smiles. Tiger is definitely teaching him the right techniques, but there’s not the intensity that Earl had with him,” the insider continued. “It’s a total bonding situation. Tiger can get goofy and funny with Charlie. It’s not ‘all work and no play’ like Earl could sometimes get.”

Since Charlie has taken up the sport, the father-son duo has competed at the 2020, 2021 and 2022 annual PNC Championships — a tournament in which famous golfers team up with their kids.

“Any time I get a chance to spend time with my son, it’s always special,” Tiger told ESPN. “And to do it in a competitive forum, the last couple of years have been magical, and to be able to do it again, we’re looking forward to it.”

In September 2023, Tiger caddied for his son during the Last Chance Regional in Florida.

“We just stay in our own little world,” the young golfer, who claimed first place, said during a post-tournament interview. “We take it one shot at a time.”

Charlie and Tiger share many mannerisms

Tiger Woods of The United States and his son Charlie Woods wait to putt on the third hole during the first round of the 2022 PNC Championship


Fans quickly noticed that Charlie has many of the same mannerisms as his dad while golfing, from the way he picks up the tees to the way he scratches his nose.

“The nose thing that we have — we both have allergies so we both struggle on the golf course,” Tiger laughed while watching a side-by-side compilation of their similar movements in a PGA Tour video. “But that’s awesome … that’s crazy.”

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