The reason why Madonna’s daughter is often criticized is because Michael Jackson’s daughter easily creates sympathy

Singer Madonna’s daughter – Lourdes Leon (26 years old) – has decided to pursue a singing career like her mother. Recently, Lourdes released her third single, immediately facing criticism.

In Spelling Painted Plate , Lourdes appears nude. The image in the music video is inspired by the Frozen MV released by singer Madonna in 1998. Sharing about the new music product, Lourdes said her mother – singer Madonna (65 years old) – is the “muse” that inspires her.

“This music product is very special to me. This is a way for me to remind myself of my mother’s song – the song Frozen . That song has connected me and my mother, I listen to this song often. . I would be nothing without my mother – the person who brought me into this world. I admire her and hope that my music video shows that,” Lourdes said.

The reason Madonna's daughter is often criticized, Michael Jackson's daughter is easy to create sympathy - 1

Lourdes Leon has a bold look in the newly released music video (Photo: Daily Mail).

As a singer, Lourdes took the stage name Lolahol. During 2022, Lourdes released two singles. Besides her singing career, Lourdes also tried her hand at being a model. She has participated in many advertising campaigns of fashion brands. Lourdes Leon is the daughter of singer Madonna and her ex-boyfriend – fitness trainer and actor Carlos Leon.

With her latest music product just released to the public, Lourdes has received a lot of harsh comments. Many viewers think that Lourdes’s style is too “frugal”. In the context of today’s entertainment industry, bold sexy style no longer shocks and attracts lasting attention from the public.

It is the fact that a female singer shows off her impressive voice without using shocking tactics that makes the public find it admirable. Many viewers noticed that in every job that Lourdes participated in, she included a “brazen” element.

Many of Lourdes’s fashion promotional photos have caused controversy because of their “fabric-saving” nature. When she attends events, Lourdes’ outfits have also caused controversy many times because of their shocking nature. Now, when Lourdes releases new music, she introduces the element… nudity.

The reason Madonna's daughter is often criticized, Michael Jackson's daughter is easy to create sympathy - 2

Lourdes Leon pursues a singing career like her mother (Photo: Daily Mail).

One netizen commented: “Lourdes shouldn’t constantly use the shocking element in everything she does. If she has an impressive voice, just focus on showing off her voice. so that the public can focus on enjoying her voice.”

Another netizen spoke up: “The public will be very surprised if a star’s children study well and have a clear, specific job, making real contributions to society. Instead of pursuing a style that shows off your body, then say it’s pushing the limits of the community’s perception.”

One person gave an opinion that received a lot of response: “Maybe she should know that to attract public attention, she can also make an effort to be a classy, ​​charming young artist. The beauty of a classy, ​​sexy woman is increasingly rare in today’s showbiz world.”

The reason Madonna's daughter is often criticized, Michael Jackson's daughter is easy to create sympathy - 3

Lourdes Leon with her biological mother – singer Madonna (Photo: Daily Mail).

In the beginning of her career, Lourdes Leon always pursued a sexy style, sometimes to a surprising degree. Lourdes is trying her hand at being a fashion model, dancer and singer.

Lourdes’ achievements in work are not many, nor have she shown any sharp steps. However, her bold sexy style is something that has become known in recent years.

Paris Jackson said “singing is not for money” but received no reaction

Like Lourdes Leon – daughter of “pop queen” Madonna, Paris Jackson (25 years old) – daughter of “pop king” Michael Jackson – is also trying to pursue a singing career. Paris has tried many roles such as model, actress, and singer.

The common point between Lourdes and Paris is that they both want to focus on following their parents’ singing career. Both have to live in the huge shadow of their parents.

The reason Madonna's daughter is often criticized, Michael Jackson's daughter is easy to create sympathy - 4

Female singer Paris Jackson (Photo: Daily Mail).

However, Paris did not face criticism like Lourdes, she did not promote the sexy element in the way she built her image. Paris is very rarely “reckless”. Paris also made it clear that she turned to music as a way to enjoy herself and satisfy her personal passions. Therefore, Paris slowly walked on her musical path.

She affirmed that she doesn’t sing for money, because she… doesn’t need money. Paris only cares about the quality of music products and does not care about revenue.

After Michael Jackson passed away, the Jackson family continued to regularly collect royalties from the music products he released to the market during his lifetime.

It is estimated that the Jackson family has earned more than 700 million USD in music royalties since Michael Jackson passed away in 2009. Currently, the total wealth built from Michael Jackson’s name and career is estimated to be up to about 1.8 billion USD.

The reason Madonna's daughter is often criticized, Michael Jackson's daughter is easy to create sympathy - 5

Paris Jackson affirmed that money problems have never been a burden to her (Photo: Daily Mail).

Since Michael Jackson’s death, each of his children has regularly received $8 million per year from this fortune. Michael Jackson’s three children will inherit an ever-increasing fortune, even after their father has been dead for many years.

Therefore, Paris Jackson affirms that money problems have never been a burden to her. In her work and life, Paris evaluates her level of success based on how she feels about herself and what she does.

“Every time I can perform continuously and still maintain a stable performance, I feel proud of myself. Every time I compose a song that I confidently send to the public, I feel proud.” about myself. I don’t worry about revenue, because I don’t sing for money,” Paris Jackson shared.

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