“Why Jennifer Lawrence Chose a Comfy Dress for Golden Globes While on Period: A Refreshingly Candid Take”

Jennifer Lawrence, a famous Hollywood actress, is known for being outspoken and honest. In a recent interview with Harper’s Bazaar magazine, the 25-year-old did not shy away from discussing her personal life, including her choice of red carpet dress at the Golden Globe Awards. According to Jennifer, she opted for a loose-fitting red dress because she was menstruating at the time.

'Awards season is synced with my menstrual cycle': Jennifer Lawrence has revealed that she picked this dress for the Golden Globes in January because she was on her period

During an interview, Jennifer Lawrence shared that she selected a particular dress for the Golden Globes in January as it suited her menstrual cycle. She humorously joked about how the awards season always seems to align with her period.

Jennifer clarified that the dress she wore to the awards ceremony was her second choice, also known as “plan-B”. She had initially planned to wear a different dress that was not feasible due to the timing of her menstrual cycle, which has coincided with awards season for many years. To ensure comfort and confidence during this time, Jennifer opted for a loose-fitting Dior gown with cut-out sections on each side. The dress did not cling to her body like many other awards season dresses tend to do, and she didn’t have to worry about “sucking anything in”. Jennifer expressed her preference for comfort over tight-fitting attire, stating that she would never compromise her health or comfort to fit into a dress.

Putting comfort first: The 25-year-old, who won Best Actress In A Comedy Or Musical for Joy, said she didn't want to 'suck in her uterus'

Prioritizing comfort: The 25-year-old actress, who was awarded Best Actress In A Comedy Or Musical for her role in Joy, shared that she didn’t want to feel uncomfortable by constantly trying to suck in her uterus.

'I would like us to make a new normal-body type': The actress also talked about wanting body image in Hollywood to change

During the awards night, Jennifer expressed her desire to establish a new standard for body types in Hollywood. As the winner of the Best Actress In A Comedy Or Musical award for her performance in Joy, she also discussed the need for a shift in body image perception within the industry.

Telling it like it is: Jennifer gets candid in the May 2016 issue of Harper's Bazaar magazine

Actress Jennifer Lawrence gave an honest interview to Harper’s Bazaar magazine in May 2016. During the interview, she shared an anecdote about Emma Stone taking care of her when she became sick after attending an Adele concert. Jennifer also discussed her body image and how she wants Hollywood to change its perception of what a “normal” body type looks like. She stated that she does Pilates every day and works out more than a typical person, but still doesn’t feel like her body represents that of a typical American woman. Jennifer believes that society has become accustomed to underweight body types, and she hopes that the industry will embrace a new normal-body type that is more representative of the average person.

Stunning star: Jennifer also posed for a gorgeous photo shoot for the magazine

Jennifer was featured in a captivating photo session for the publication.

'Get out of here. It's so gross': The Oscar winner also revealed that Emma Stone took care of her when she got sick after partying at an Adele concert. They are pictured here together in November

“Leave this place. It’s disgusting,” the recipient of an Academy Award shared. Additionally, she disclosed that Emma Stone looked after her when she fell ill following a night of revelry at an Adele performance. A photograph of the two actresses together from November can be seen above.

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