What Is the Secret Behind Novak Djokovic Ageing Like a Fine Wine? From Nutrition to Lifestyle, Fans Come Up With Plausible Answers

The world’s number-one tennis star Novak Djokovic truly proved the myth of aging backwards. His fans put up his picture to include him in the latest social media trend. In this trend, people have to reveal their photos of the age of twenty-one with a current picture. The purpose is to see the change. However, Djokovic astonished his fans by giving them major aging goals in this new trend.

Novak Djokovic is known to strictly maintain his fitness regime. His strict dietary restrictions and maintenance brought Djokovic an unbelievably great health benefit. Now his fans also admitted the benefits of Djokovic’s fitness that brought him an unbelievable glow at the age of thirty-six.

The stunning transition of Novak Djokovic inspired his fans toward a healthy lifestyle

Recently one Novak Djokovic-admirer shared a collage on their X (formerly Twitter) where they added Djokovic’s photo when he was twenty-one with his recent photo. Sharing the picture, the fan wrote- “Novak Djokovic at 21 Novak Djokovic at 36 This needs to be studied.” This post has stormed social media since it was posted. This is because fans couldn’t spot major differences between the two pictures. In fact, Djokovic looked the same fifteen years apart, which truly stunned his fans.


Now fans know that the world’s current number-one tennis star maintains his diet and fitness plans rigorously. His fans think this might be the reason behind Djokovic’s great skin and almost similar bodily features for over twenty years. While in most cases, turning thirty-six makes people look older than they actually are, Djokovic’s picture is nothing less than a serious goal to many of his fans wishing to age gracefully.

Surprised fans take a dig at Novak Djokovic’s secret mantra for “aging like a fine wine”

After one Djokovic fan posted the collage, many people commented on the post revealing Djokovic’s inspiration in their life. People admitted how his healthy lifestyle is a key to that as they commented- “Enough sleep Meditate Clean eating food Straight and narrow living.” Fans admired Djokovic’s dedication to his lifestyle to maintain this charismatic look after fifteen years. They said- “Diet, lifestyle, internal peace, hard work, satisfaction of donating and doing altruistic works, belief in God and relation of staying true to oneself despite the calamity one may encounter. All this is easier said than done. How easy is it to overlook any one of these.”

Another fan sarcastically commented about how he is the GOAT- “perfect nutrition, perfect mental health, good family, good friends. this guy hasn’t lost one single hair in his life lol, he’s the GOAT.” People explained how Djokovic maintains a junk food-free life to balance his nutrients and remain young.


In a nutshell, people admired how Djokovic took care of himself with a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Novak Djokovic’s collage made by his fans, tells that he surely has aged like a fine wine. However, behind his perfect look, there lies a strict dietary plan, a balanced lifestyle, and true motivation for his work. All of these combined make Novak Djokovic a legend in tennis. Now following his skill to age gracefully, fans can proudly tell that he is a Serbian tennis God in its true sense.

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