Vin Diesel: ‘Paul Walker’s final moment in Fast & Furious 7 is the most amazing scene in movie history’

No matter how many roles he has played, Vin Diesel believes that it is the most beautiful, touching and cherished scene.

Action star Vin Diesel is busy promoting his new superhero movie Bloodshot, but the franchise that made his career – the Fast and Furious series – still never fails to make the actor’s fans excited. discussed. Recently, Diesel shared about the ending of Fast & Furious 7 and said that the moment he faced Paul Walker was the most wonderful scene in movie history.

“It was a very difficult moment. But there was a real consolation in the fact that we were able to protect it from the producers or whoever to say ‘Now you’re going to avenge the character’, and then use it as a storyline, which we I was able to make something beautiful and solemn” – Vin shared.

The filming of Fast & Furious 7 turned into a disaster when Paul Walker – who played the role of one of the main characters Brian – the police ally of Diesel’s character Dominic Toretto died in a car accident midway through filming. production process. The film’s writers had to compete to rewrite the script to explain Walker’s absence in the second half of the work.

The story follows the character Brian leaving his adventurous life with Dom to live a peaceful life on an island with his wife and children. The final moments of the film have Dom and Brian saying goodbye while driving side by side on the open road, where the two share a meaningful look and Dom muses that they will always be family. family. The scene is done in close-up with Walker’s features shown through special effects.

It was a very emotional scene for fans after hearing about Walker’s death and Vin Diesel seemed to appreciate that producers were willing to allow Brian to retire peacefully instead of following his children. action movie line – get him killed to provide a reason for revenge for the rest of the team. It’s the quiet, emotional resonance of the ending that puts it at the top of Diesel’s list of historic movie moments.

That scene “may be the most beautiful moment in cinema history. Not just in my career but in the history of cinema. Men around the world, everyone can cry, but men around the planet for the first time in history can cry together,” said Diesel.

While film critics may take issue with Diesel’s claim to the best scene in cinema history, the impact the scene had on fans of Fast and Furious is undeniable. Social media was flooded with emotional messages from viewers talking about how moved they were by the show’s ending, and how the series did justice to the passing of Paul Walker. That kind of emotional resonance is difficult to quantify and rank.

Even though Walker has passed away, the Fast and Furious franchise continues to go strong in the coming year.

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