F1 Shocking News : Toto Wolff’s Hypocrisy Exposed as Mercedes Contract Triggered Lewis Hamilton Exit. bb

“Everybody’s a Ferrari fan. If you go to the Mercedes guys… even if they say ‘Oh yeah, Mercedes is the greatest brand in the world,’ they are Ferrari fans,” that’s what Sebastian Vettel had to say to a reporter who said they weren’t a fan of the Scarlet team. Nearly eight years later, that beloved quote couldn’t have been truer, to the utter dismay of Toto Wolff, of course.

Whilst the team principal is taking Lewis Hamilton‘s move to Ferrari on the chin, it was Mercedes that had initially lost long-term confidence in the seven-time champion, making his move to the Scuderia feel just like poetic justice. Although many members of the LH Army have grown loyal to Mercedes over the journey to this point, it might just have been the Brackley outfit’s resistance to giving Hamilton stability for the foreseeable future that has caused them this historic loss.

How Mercedes’ lack of faith in Lewis Hamilton’s longevity caused them the modern era’s biggest upset

Although the reasoning given by Hamilton largely reflects that the Brit is looking for a new challenge with the Scuderia, it isn’t as if his ride with Mercedes wasn’t challenging in 202e either. So perhaps what might have sent Hamilton over the edge was Mercedes’ reported hesitance in offering Hamilton the three-year contract he desired, along with becoming a brand ambassador upon retirement.

Unfortunately for Hamilton, time proved to be an enemy in these negotiations, and the 39-year-old had to settle for a 1+1 deal for the coming years. In the Mercedes team principal’s own words, “We decided together last year to give each other a shorter contract term than usual,” Wolff was quoted in a tweet by insider Junaid Samodien. “This should leave both parties more options for 2025. It was therefore clear that Lewis had the opportunity to leave us after just one year,”

“So with Lewis Hamilton feeling that his future at Mercedes would not have been as secure as he may have liked it to be, Fred Vasseur and Scuderia Ferrari got the upper hand by offering Hamilton a multi-year deal with a handsome contract. It’s also to be noted that the limited testing may have had an effect on Hamilton’s future prospect. However, could Ferrari possibly have the perfect packed for 2026, prompting Hamilton to test his luck for the eighth title with the sport’s most successful tea? “

Whatever may be the case, it seems like Mercedes’ decision to offer Hamilton a shorter contract hasn’t just affected the team’s driver lineup. After all, the Briton has a number of engineers loyal to him who would be eager to help Hamilton secure a record-breaking title, that too with the glorious Scuderia. With rumors floating that even the iconic engineer of the #44, Pete Bonnington, endearingly called Bono by Hamilton, could make the switch to Fred Vasseur’s side, leaving Toto Wolff with a lot of pressure to find a competent replacement.

However, the Austrian boss is holding no grudges against the man who brought glory to Mercedes for nearly a decade. After all, all good things eventually come to an end.

“We’re big boys” – Toto Wolff and Co. are prepared for a future without Hamilton

Back when Lewis Hamilton revealed that he wasn’t happy with the direction Mercedes was taking with future development after the dismal 2022 season, the pressure was piling on Toto Wolff to turn things around. Fast-forward to the next season and the Brackley boss had to admit defeat as the plan to stick with the original concept had not worked out. With tensions growing between Hamilton and the team throughout the season, it could have been a smart decision to opt for the 1+1 contract when Mercedes was concerned.

Reflecting on the shocking news, Wolff was quoted by The Guardian stating, “We’re big boys. We knew that, by signing a short-term contract, it could be of benefit for both sides. We couldn’t commit for a longer period and he’s taken the option to exit. So we totally respect that you can change your mind with different circumstances. Switching to Ferrari, maybe for the last peak in his career, [he’s] maybe rolling the dice a bit. I can follow that decision.”

So with the Mercedes boss burying the possibility of any bad blood between the iconic TP-driver duo, the question that Wolff now shifts focus to regards his own team’s uncertain future. Who do you think will replace Hamilton in that Mercedes seat? Will it be Fernando Alonso or perhaps Alex Albon finally gets a call-up? Only time will tell.

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