Kirk Cousins actually got a gold grill in his mouth

Ever since the “Kirko Chainz” phenomenon of 2022, Kirk Cousins has been joking about how he needs to get grillz in his mouth to keep up with Justin Jefferson.

Well, it looks like he actually did it. Cousins posted a picture on Instagram on Tuesday of himself with a gold grill in his mouth next to a doctor, accompanying it with a very on-brand caption.

“If you haven’t yet found a Grillz-guy, check out Dr. Lebster,” Cousins wrote. “5/5 stars! He doesn’t take Kohl’s Cash, but he does great work. I know @jjettas2 approves.”


Jefferson loved it, commenting “Next we got to get u some diamond ones” with a couple laughing emojis. He also reposted the picture to his story. Cam Akers and Alexander Mattison were among the others to chime in with comments.

Kirk Cousins got a grill

Cousins is fully leaning into the bit at this point. From the 2022 videos with the chains, opening up on last year’s Netflix show, and performing song and dance routines at the NFL Honors, he has really put his personality on display over the past couple years. And it has paid off, as Cousins is seemingly becoming one of the more beloved figures in the NFL. He’s just a goofy suburban dad who isn’t afraid to put himself out there.

As a side note, I don’t think that’s exactly how a grill is supposed to look.

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