“Luke Evans Expresses Interest in Being the First Openly Gay James Bond, Issues Challenge Amidst Henry Cavill Replacement Talks”

Luke Evans’ eyes on the James Bond character is understandable. It is tempting for any actor to play the most iconic action role dazzled with relentless charisma.
Luke evans, henry cavill and daniel craig as james bond

Several actors have played the character in history but the last Bond was played by Daniel Craig in five films from 2006 to 2021.
Luke EvansLuke Evans. Source: PH
Now the question is, who will replace Craig in the next Bond films?

It is hard to imagine as Craig has established his Bond signature in the franchise. But the new Bond character is definitely in the talking, at least according to some reports.

Luke Evans Wants a Part in 007

Luke Evans in Fast and FuriousLuke Evans in Fast and Furious. Source: Universal Pictures
After 15 years in his tuxedo with blazing action, British actor Daniel Craig has stepped down from the role of 007.

Shortly after the buzz was heating up among fans revolving around the same question, who will be the next Bond?

Fan favorite Henry Cavill and Tom Hardy were in the mix of actors for the role but there is no confirmation as of yet.

Earlier in 2005, Cavill tried his luck to become Bond when he auditioned against Craig but the casting director told him that he was “too chubby” for the role.

Recently, speaking at the Wales Screen Summit, Welsh film star Luke Evans expressed his desire to be a part of the franchise saying that even being considered for the part of James Bond is “boundary-breaking”. 

 “Nobody knows – that’s part of the fun of it all … For a Welsh boy, from the valleys – a gay kid from the valleys – is in that small group of actors that’s up for playing Bond.“

‘That in itself is boundary-breaking [sends] a message to the youth of my country [that] anything can happen.’

Earlier, the Fast and Furious star said he has “lived an openly gay life” and openly came out advocating getting a job based on talent and ability and “shouldn’t have anything to do with anything else.”

Further, the Beauty and the Beast actor jokingly said that who bet on who would be next James Bond, “You may win some money, but don’t come to me when you lose it.”

The actor definitely has his eyes locked around the 007 character. Perhaps, he would get in the film series as well but time will tell who will be the next 007.

 Luke Evans on Michael Sheen’s TV Directorial Debut
Luke Evans as Owen Shaw in The Fate of the Furious Luke Evans as Owen Shaw in The Fate of the Furious. Source: Universal Pictures
Further, Evans praised Michael Sheen’s debut as a television director in the BBC drama series The Way where he starred alongside Steffan Rhodri and Callum Scott Howells. Sheen “knows what he needs from you” as an actor, he said.

In the three-part drama, Evans will play a mercenary in pursuit of a family, the Driscolls, escaping a civil uprising in their small Welsh industrial town. According to a BBC report, the series has begun filming in Port Talbot.

“It’s Michael Sheen’s first directing job. You’d never think it,” Evans told  Bafta chief executive Jane Millichip at the summit.


“You look at the picture board in your trailer and think, how has he managed to get all these people in this Welsh story? Because he’s Michael Sheen.

“As a director he’s great, because he’s an actor. He understands how to speak to an actor. He knows what he needs and how to get it out of you.”

In addition to directing, the Good Omens actor is also starring and co-creating the show. Evans also expressed his desire to follow the path in the near future.

“Wales is bubbling with creativity and generations of talent… there’s so much going on here,” Evans said.

“I have a production company, which I created a couple of years ago. We’ve bought the rights to a few books, and I’m very much involved in it.”

Evans also pointed out the directing of different filmmakers saying, “I’ve done 37 movies, I’ve seen some great directing and some terrible directing, it’s just the way it is…”

“I’m a stickler for detail. Continuity’s my thing, I can’t bear it when it’s bad. I would love to do it here, bring it to Wales.

There’s so many wonderful stories to be told – who knows, I might even be writing.”

Further, the actor said that it is stories that matter most to him and telling stories that make people think.

Evans will appear in Bill Oliver’s drama Our Son which is scheduled to have its world premiere at the Tribeca Festival in June 2023.

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