“Is ‘Made In Italy’ Worth Watching? Analyzing Liam Neeson’s Movie Reviews & Rotten Tomatoes Scores”

The Liam Neeson movie Made In Italy is currently proving surprisingly popular on Netflix, but is this largely forgotten 2020 dramedy worth watching?

Liam Neeson's Robert from Made in Italy in front of the Rotten Tomatoes logo


 Made In Italy has a low Rotten Tomatoes rating of 44% from critics and 39% from the audience.
 The movie’s plot is meandering and the conflict over the villa is drawn-out, but the lead performances by Liam Neeson and Michael Richardson are solid.
 Made In Italy is redeemed by its stunning scenery and the chemistry between Neeson and Richardson, making it worth watching for fans of the actors and those who enjoy family dramas.

While 2020’s Made In Italy is currently blowing up on Netflix, its low Rotten Tomatoes rating makes it tough to tell whether the dramedy is worth a watch. Made In Italy stars Liam Neeson as Robert, a widower confronted by his troubled past when he inherits a crumbling house from his late wife.

Neeson’s free-spirited artist renovates the home while struggling to connect with his estranged son, Michael Richardson’s Jack. Jack is going through a rough divorce and wants to buy an art gallery that his wife’s family owns, but he needs to work with his father to get the money.

While the movie mostly focuses on Jack and Robert’s dynamic, Made In Italy’s cast of characters also includes a local love interest for Jack, and Kate, an estate agent who establishes a connection with Robert.

The gentle dramedy has a moving story of family dysfunction at its core, and both Richardson and Neeson offer solid turns as the conflicted father and son duo.

That said, Made In Italy’s plot is meandering and, although the personal drama is solid, the conflict over the villa is a little drawn-out. As such, viewers might reasonably wonder whether the movie is worth watching.

Made In Italy Has A 44% Score From Critics On Rotten Tomatoes

The movie’s Rotten Tomatoes audience score is only 39%

Liam Neeson as Robert Foster in Made in Italy.

Made In Italy was originally released in August 2020, meaning it didn’t make much of an impact in theaters thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. The movie didn’t wow critics on VOD either.

Made In Italy earned only a 43% rating from critics on Rotten Tomatoes. Viewers were even less receptive, with Made In Italy boasting an audience score of only 39%.

It is easy enough to see why this happened, as Made In Italy’s swerves between comedy and drama are somewhat haphazard and the movie’s plot is thin. As strong as the lead performances are, both Neeson and Richardson are under-utilized.

That said, Made In Italy is still worth a watch for viewers who value a good performance and some stunning scenery. Fans of other movies made in Italy, like 2006’s A Good Year or 2003’s Under the Tuscan Sun will know just how much an underwritten dramedy can be redeemed by highlighting its beautiful European setting, and Made In Italy is no exception.

As an extended advertisement for Italy with some diverting drama at its core, Made In Italy is an agreeable way to spend an idle afternoon.

Made In Italy’s Reviews Criticize Its Story But Praise The Cast’s Performances

Liam Neeson & Micheal Richardson give strong lead performances

Micheál Richardson as Jack Foster in Made in Italy.

Both A Good Year and Under the Tuscan Sun were elevated by strong central turns from Russell Crowe and Diane Lane, and Made In Italy boasts the same appeal.

After a slew of action movies ruined Liam Neeson’s critical reputation, this sparse dramedy proves that the star still has charisma to spare when he gives a project his all.

However, it is Neeson’s real-life son Richardson who truly shines in Made In ItalyRichardson is a revelation as the ambivalent Jack, combining some of the charm he inherited from Neeson with a sheepish, goofy comedic timing all of his own.

Much of Made In Italy’s appeal comes from watching the father and son’s deft comedic interplay in the movie’s lighter scenes. Neeson and Richardson have an easy rapport that betrays years of real-life camaraderie, and it is this chemistry that ensures Made in Italy’s most sentimental moments always ring true.

While the movie is far from flawless, its sad moments feel earned and there are plenty of gags that work. A more substantial, meatier story would have served both stars better, but Made In Italy is primarily worth watching to see the father and son duo play to each other’s strengths.

Made In Italy Is Worth Watching For Fans Of Liam Neeson & Those Who Enjoy Family Dramas

The familial drama and performances by Neeson & his son make Made in Italy a worthy viewing

Lindsay Duncan as Kate in Made in Italy.

While Neeson and Richardson’s performances are the beating heart of Made In Italythe soapy storyline is also one of the project’s more appealing features.

It is short on surprises, as even the most inexperienced viewers wouldn’t struggle to work out where both the main characters will end up in the denouement.

However, Jack’s tentative romance with Natalia is sweet, and the character’s attempts to bond with his father work well. Meanwhile, the decision to have Neeson play against type as an artist makes Made In Italy’s family story a little less predictable.

Dramas about dysfunctional but loving families aren’t uncommon, but seeing the veteran action star portray a carefree bohemian artist is a surprise.

This characterization ensures that Robert’s arc is also worth engaging with, as Neeson’s character learns to embrace the responsibility of fatherhood that he avoided for so long.

Neeson has long been a reliably taciturn, stoic screen presence, so it is a fun surprise to see him cut loose in this role. Thus, while Made In Italy’s story may not win any awards for originality, the dramedy’s central performances mean the movie deserves better than its Rotten Tomatoes rating.

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