Gal Gadot “Wonder Woman” shows off her U40 beauty, “crushing” Hailey Baldwin

Most recently, the brand Tiffany & Co. has launched a new jewelry collection that has wowed those who hunt this brand. Notably, the two female stars “chosen by the company” to promote are actress Gal Gadot and Justin Bieber’s wife, Hailey Baldwin.

The beauty match between two famous Hollywood female stars quickly attracted the attention of the audience. As Tiffany’s “darling”, Hailey shared the moment of sitting in a car, letting her hair down and showing off her stunning beauty even though taking pictures in a low light place. The 24-year-old model received many compliments thanks to her sharp face, high nose bridge and luxurious charisma despite the simple outfit that covers her figure. However, Justin’s wife’s excellent visual cannot “overtake” U40 beauty Gal Gadot wearing a shirt that shows off her sexy bust. No one would have expected “Wonder Woman” Gal Gadot to have 3 children and still be young and attractive, showing off her rustic, natural beauty and still being able to “crush” a young model who is 12 years younger than her.

Gal Gadot Wonder Woman khoe nhan sắc U40 đè bẹp Hailey Baldwin - Hình 1

Without makeup, hair, or elaborate clothes, she still makes fans fall in love with her radiant smile and sexy yet elegant charisma. Especially when the movie Wonder Woman 1984 was released to Vietnamese audiences, the movie immediately received praise for its plot and character creation. Fans also quickly scrutinized the film’s fashion details. One of them is the bone cuff – that Gal Gadot used in a scene. This is also the famous bracelet of Tiffany & Co. It is known that to successfully transform into Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot had to take many Brazilian Kung Fu, kickboxing, capoeira and jiu-jitsu courses to prepare for the role. Thanks to that, Wonder Woman’s appearance right in Batman v Superman is considered one of the best parts of the movie.

Gal Gadot Wonder Woman khoe nhan sắc U40 đè bẹp Hailey Baldwin - Hình 2

Previously, the two beauties had collaborated many times with this famous brand. Hailey Baldwin and her husband were sponsored with an expensive diamond wedding ring, a custom-designed product of Tiffany & Co. on her wedding 2 years ago while Gal Gadot was also chosen by Tiffany & Co. giving gifts many times to attend the red carpet and promoting this brand’s jewelry.

Previously, with the attractive beauty of Justin Bieber’s socialite, she was sought after by many fans and reporters on the street when the couple went to Philadelphia, USA to prepare for the singer’s upcoming show. . After that, a series of blurry photos capturing the moment the couple “exploded” their beauty suddenly became hot again on social networks. Justin showed off his dashing, handsome visual and “outdid himself” wearing a whole set of outstanding yellow clothes. However, the male singer’s stylish appearance could not overwhelm his long-legged wife walking next to him. Glancing through the regular camera photo frame for a few seconds, regardless of the lack of light and blur in the photo, Hailey still occupies the spotlight thanks to her long, beautiful legs that have nothing to criticize, both graceful and long. The model wore short pants and high heels, showing off her amazing legs.

Gal Gadot Wonder Woman khoe nhan sắc U40 đè bẹp Hailey Baldwin - Hình 3

As for model Gal Gadot, she made netizens breathless when Netflix’s action blockbuster Red Notice released its first trailer after many months of teasing. This movie stars Gal Gadot, Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. This movie is said to be Netflix’s biggest work in the second half of 2021. In the newly released trailer, the audience can understand more about the story of the movie. Behind the main trailer are a series of fiery battle scenes, rushing to the death of Hollywood’s top action movie stars.

One of the most impressive moments in this trailer is the segment when Gal Gadot meets the duo The Rock and Ryan Reynolds. With just a few martial arts moves with extremely long strides, she was able to defeat two muscular, athletic men. It can be seen that Gal Gadot’s character Sarah will play an extremely important role in the content of Red Notice. Although the detailed content of the film has not been revealed much, the audience can fully expect a satisfying action masterpiece that Netflix has focused on investing in.

Gal Gadot Wonder Woman khoe nhan sắc U40 đè bẹp Hailey Baldwin - Hình 4

Gal Gadot Wonder Woman khoe nhan sắc U40 đè bẹp Hailey Baldwin - Hình 5

Not only famous for her beauty or acting talent, Gal Gadot is also known as a smart woman with a clean, scandal-free private life. After being crowned Miss Israel, Gal Gadot studied law and international relations at university. In an interview with W magazine, she shared that perhaps she was a little too serious about becoming an actress. While other beauties and actors spend every minute to act in movies and appear on television to develop their careers, Gal Gadot focuses more on developing herself. Subsequently, Gadot was one of two Israeli actresses, along with Odeya Rush, listed by InStyle magazine as top prospects. Besides being a famous model and actress, she is also known as a social activist, with a clean, scandal-free background, which makes Gal Gadot attract even more fans who love her. only through the screen but also love her real person, her real personality. In 2018, Time magazine included Gal Gadot in the TIME 100 list – the top 100 most influential people in the world.

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