Jason Lee Warned Us About Beyonce & Jay Z’s Divorce | Blackmailed Beyonce? – LE

Jason Lee Warned Us About Beyonce & Jay Z’s Divorce | Blackmailed Beyonce?

Hold up!! Did Jason Lee really spill the tea about Beyoncé and Jay Z’s divorce months before any of us really caught on to it?

Chile, y’all might want to sit down for this one because the tea is hot and I cannot sip by myself. Now if you’ve been on social media the past few weeks then you probably saw Jason trending sometime ago after he jumped on his talk show and boldly blackmailed Beyonce on camera.

He threatened to reveal some damaging information about her and Jay’s marriage unless she got Kelly Rowland to appear on his show. At the time a lot of people didn’t know what he was talking about and dragged him for filth for coming for Beyonce.

What did Jason Lee say about Beyonce? Blogger trolled for threatening to blackmail singer over snubbed ‘black media invites’

Hollywood Unlocked blogger Jason Lee gets trolled online for blackmailing Beyonce (Image via beyonce and theonlyjasonlee/Instagram)Hollywood Unlocked blogger Jason Lee gets trolled online for blackmailing Beyonce (Image via @beyonce and @theonlyjasonlee/Instagram)

Hollywood Unlocked founder and blogger Jason Lee has seemingly threatened to blackmail Beyonce. The former recently appeared on a podcast and expressed disappointment in not being invited to the premiere of the pop star’s Renaissance: A Film by Beyonce documentary and also the singer’s alleged snubbing of Black media outlets.

Beyonce has been making headlines after her latest Renaissance tour brought in over $500,000 million in revenue. The singer received immense praise for shining a light on Black performers and inviting several Black artists to the premiere of her documentary. However, Jason Lee did not seem to be appreciative of the Break My Soul singer.

While speaking about Beyonce’s Renaissance documentary and its red carpet premieres, Jason Lee expressed that more Black journalists should have been invited to the same. Lee said:

“I think optically when you don’t include other Black leaders in the culture in the fold, take me out of it, The Breakfast Club. I mean, you should have honored and brought more Black people in because Beyonce has such a huge voice.”

Jason Lee seemingly compares Beyonce to Rihanna

Not only did Jason Lee take a jab at Beyonce for not having a better guest list, he also compared her to fellow singer Rihanna. Speaking about the Fenty Beauty founder’s relationship with culture, he said:

“I think Rihanna is more relatable to people. Because she, her pulse is on the culture. She knows what’s happening. She knows the people who are moving the culture.”

Lee went on to claim that he deserved to be invited to the premiere, as he bought tickets worth $40,000 to three of Beyonce’s Renaissance concerts. He then went on to share other ways he has shown support for the Grammy winner. However, he later spilled secret details related to the Diva singer, covering his face with a piece of paper while doing so with the audio censored.

Lee revealed explosive details as the co-hosts appeared shocked by what he shared. He went on to say,

“We’re friends in the game… can you imagine if I put that on Hollywood Unlocked?… So that in itself, Beyonce coulda gave me, you know what I mean? I feel like there should be a little love there.”

The blogger went on to add that Beyonce’s longtime publicist, Yvette Noel-Shure, was well aware of how he had supported the Halo singer.

“Yvette knows… I still have the receipts. Yvette knows I got the receipts. I got them,” Lee said.

The blogger then took to finally blackmailing the Single Ladies singer by saying:

“I’m trying to book Kelly Rowland right now. Now if I don’t get Kelly Rowland because I say this about- then, then it’s gon’ be a problem. Then I’m putting out receipts. The receipts I just told y’all about, then I’ll pull those out.”

As many continued to wonder what Lee knew about Beyonce, YouTuber Murad Merali expressed that it could likely be about either Beyonce or Jay Z cheating on each other. However, it is worth noting that this claim has not been confirmed by either of the parties involved.

“Why nobody has beat Jason Lee up is beyond me”: Netizens troll blogger as podcast clip circulates online

Internet users relentlessly trolled Lee after the podcast clip went viral. At the time of writing this article, the clip had amassed over four million views across social media platforms. Many believed that Beyonce would not be friends with Lee, making it impossible for him to know her secrets.

Others also brought up a past interaction between Beyonce and Lee, where the former was seen avoiding the blogger at a Roc Nation brunch.

At the time of writing this article, neither Beyonce nor her team had publicly responded to Lee’s comments.

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