RON THE MOVE Travis Kelce ’s removal lorry so big it’s UNABLE to reach £5m mansion to empty house following star’s Kasnas Chiefs City axe

The Kanas City Chiefs star just closed on a secluded six million-dollar mansion in Kansas City. While insiders say that Kelce was feeling a little insecure about his humble abode now that he is dating superstar Taylor Swift, he also needed more privacy than he had.



Travis Kelce Is an “Impulse Shopper” With More Than 300 Pairs of Shoes |  Vanity Fair



the house is very “accessible” meaning it’s easy to drive up to, and therefore, it was “starting to become a tourist attraction.” Can you imagine being a famous football player, and now people are just showing up outside your house because you’re dating Taylor Swift? Get a tall fence Mr. Kelce…

His new pad is in a gated community featuring six bedrooms, six bathrooms, a pickleball court, a tennis court, and a beautiful outdoor pool and entertainment area. With over 17,000 square feet of space on more than 3 acres, Kelce made quite the upgrade with this purchase.reported that the home was listed in 2022 at $6.9 million, meaning Kelce snagged quite the deal on this purchase. The house, built in 1998, was previously owned by a prominent medical couple in Kansas City.While Kelce is swapping out his humble starter home for this luxurious piece of property, I am sure that Taylor Swift was not the only factor spurring this choice.


With a pay increase of nearly $9 million, not to mention the countless brand deals, and that Mr. Pfizer money, Kelce is financially in a much more comfortable spot than he previously was.

I am sure his newfound relationship

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