NO DOUBT Taylor Swift, the true Super Bowl MVP


As years go by, ‘Glory to the Kansas City Chiefs’ will be the most simple recap of Super Bowl LVIII, but the night of February 11 will leave out many stories that deserve to be told.

For starters, betting services predicted whether the singer would cry if the Chiefs lost. But there was no room for that, as she did everything except cry.

The narrative revolved entirely around one person: Taylor Swift. Ever since the morning of the game, the United States had been waiting for her plane, which came from Tokyo, and with what flight search engines labeled ‘The Football Era’.

The singer arrived in Los Angeles in time to witness the big game, hours later, in Las Vegas and be close to Travis Kelce.


While her impact on NFL audiences is obvious, there is also a very striking statistic: with her in the suite, her boyfriend averages 99 yards per game, but while she’s absent that stat stays at 46 YPG.


Taylor Swift knows how to live it up a Super Bowl, and she didn’t care that the cameras kept panning to her and showing her on the three giant screens at Allegiant Stadium while shotgunning a beer. She even spiked the glass on the table when done, as one does.

Dozens of celebrities like Leonardo Di Caprio, Justin Bieber, Jay-Z, Gordon Ramsay, Lana del Rey, Ariana Grande, Travis Scott, Paul McCartney, Fat Joe… made their way through Las Vegas, and were shown on the Jumbotron.

But she was the most highly acclaimed among all the celebrities attending. Every time they showed her on the screens, she received a standing ovation. There was no polarization in this case, 49ers and Chiefs fans were united on that front.

Bad Bunny then took them all to the VIP, to the VIP… Of course! Of course he also had his seat at Allegiant Stadium. Another nearby suite was shared by Draymond Green and LeBron James, and they were not the only NBA stars there, as James Harden was also present.

The game also had a very special broadcast in the United States, with an alternative offered by Nickelodeon in which the characters from the children’s channel hosted the big final on screen. Appealing to the innocence of children, they were the only ones that freely called Travis Kelce by the name that many know him by: “Taylor Swift’s boyfriend.”


Rumors had several great music stars joining Usher by surprise on the Halftime Show. The most famous were Justin Bieber and Alicia Keys, and in the end it was the New York singer that shun bright.

TMZ revealed that Keys was seen rehearsing at Allegiant Stadium on Friday night, but that’s now how she was revealed on Sunday. When the show started, she hid under a red cloak and, when they pulled it, she became one with with a red piano matching her outfit. Together, Usher and her performed the 2004 hit ‘My Boo’.


One could see it coming: it was almost all ‘Niners’ fans present at Allegiant Stadium. A wave of 49ers jerseys painted the stands red.

This corroborated the data provided to official SB media that for every ten tickets sold online, eight were for fans of Purdy’s team. The geographical proximity and the thirty years without a trophy weighed heavily on the mobilization of the fans.

Without the ball being in play, the 49ers had already scored their first points with an overwhelming ‘boo’ when the Chiefs were introduced, but above all with applause for their team.


With the week of Super Bowl LVIII now officially closed in the city of Las Vegas, it is estimated that around half a million people have passed through it, spending between 500 million and a billion dollars on entertainment and gaming.

With this level of spending, it’s normal that the record for the most expensive ticket in the history of the Super Bowl (previously held by LA in 2022) had been surpassed. This time, more than $8,000 was paid for the most cheap ticket.

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