The Only Mother And Daughter Duo That Went Completely Broke In Hollywood

The actress was struggling to pay rent and expenses, while her mom filed for bankruptcy.

Lindsay and Dina Lohan

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Dina Lohan filed for bankruptcy in 2018 to save her home from foreclosure, owing over $1.7 million in debt, including mortgage payments, taxes, and other expenses.

Lindsay Lohan faced financial struggles and the possibility of bankruptcy in the past, failing to pay rent and accumulating a debt at a hotel worth $46,350.

Lindsay’s father, Michael Lohan, faced legal trouble due to his involvement in steering people towards specific treatment centers, resulting in his conviction and probation. However, the family is now focused on Lindsay’s motherhood and is extremely happy about it.

It is the tough reality in Hollywood. When the money stops coming in, maintaining the A-list lifestyle gets difficult. However, credit to some for building their net worth back up. 50 Cent rebuilt his net worth after going bankrupt, and the same holds true for a particular mother and daughter duo.

We’re going to take a closer look at Dina and Lindsay Lohan’s financial troubles throughout the years. These days, the Lohan family is focused on other things, like Lindsay entering motherhood.

However, times were tough for the family at one point. Dina had to file for bankruptcy, while Lohan was on the same path, struggling to pay rent and other expenses. We’ll take a closer look at those troubling times, while also putting the spotlight on Michael Lohan and his downfall as well.

Lady Gaga wearing a pink feather boa in front of a purple wall

Lady Gaga was rumored to have lost all her money at the height of her rise to fame.

Dina Lohan Filed For Bankruptcy Trying To Save Her Home From Foreclosure

Back in 2018, Dina Lohan faced a tough situation. According to People, Dina filed for bankruptcy to save her home from auction after its foreclosure. People writes that Dina had more than $1.7 million debts at the time.

The publication writes, “Dina reports that she is more than $1,700,000 in debt. She says that she owes $1,554,240 to Pennymac Loan Services for the mortgage on her home in N. Merrick, New York; $4,651 to California in taxes; $9,139 to New York in taxes and $10,019 to Thrift Investment Corp. for her Honda car. Other claims include $45,051.74 owed to the IRS and $10,483 to St. Anthony S. High School.”

Lindsay Lohan and Dina Lohan looking distant

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Lindsay Lohan husband Bader Shammas

Here’s the truth about how Bader Shammas, who Lindsay Lohan married in 2022, earns his money.

Adding to the troubles of her financial difficulties, Dina also made the headlines for all the wrong reasons in 2012 because of a dispute with Lindsay.

“At 8:06 a.m. [police] got a call for a domestic disturbance. There had been some sort of verbal dispute between Lindsay and her mother that took place in a limo that was coming from New York City.”

Thankfully, the relationship between Dina and Lindsay is great nowadays, with Dina being overjoyed with the fact that she is now a grandmother to Lindsay’s child.

Lindsay Lohan Had Her Own Financial Struggles After She Failed To Pay $4.2 Million In Rent

Thankfully, Lohan has restored her net worth these days, estimated at $2 million. However, she did run into some tough times in the past.

According to The Economic Times, Lohan once failed to pay rent, and was facing the possibility of bankruptcy. The report reads, “Landlord of Lohan’s property in the exclusive Knightsbridge area demands payment of $95,000 and will petition at court for her bankruptcy if she fails to pay up.”

Lindsay Lohan at Paris Theater in NYC

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Problems would persist for Lohan who got banned from Château Marmont after accumulating a debt at the hotel worth $46,350.

Included in the payment, “$3,000-plus each on room service, hotel restaurant bills, and minibar charges, in addition to more than $700 on cigarettes, $600-plus on laundry, nearly $400 on pay-per-view movies, and more than $100 on magazines and iPhone chargers from the hotel gift shop—plus, the room rate and the taxes and the parking charges and other miscellaneous fees.”

Ashley Olsen, Lindsay Lohan, and Samantha Ronson side by side

Before Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson broke up, they had a run-in with the former Full House star Ashley Olsen.

According to Lohan, she thought her gig with Liz & Dick was going to cover the expenses. Château Marmont would also issue a public apology given that the story had leaked out to the press. Lohan’s team decided against making any type of comment regarding the hotel situation. Thankfully, these problems are a thing of the past as Lohan is focused on other things today, including motherhood.

Lindsay’s Dad Michael Lohan Ran Into Trouble With The Law

Michael Lohan has an extensive history which includes acting and business-related work as well. Michael did face controversy due to an arrest. Lohan was arrested for allegedly steering people towards specific treatment centers he was affiliated with. He was convicted and sentenced to probation for four years.

Michael Lohan

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Michael is switching his focus these days. According to his words with People, Michael said daughter Lindsay and husband Bader will be amazing parents.

He told People, “All I can say is I’m so so happy for Lindsay and Bader! They will be amazing parents. We are all truly blessed in so many ways!” He adds, “Everything went great with Lindsay, absolutely amazing and the delivery went really smooth.”

Dina Lohan echoed the same sentiment, “I’m literally over the moon. I’m so happy, I can’t stop smiling,” said Dina. “It’s incredible. We’re just so excited. It’s just such a beautiful thing for my child! And I love babies. Who doesn’t?”

Clearly, the family has made changes for the better, despite the ups and big downs in the past.

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