The luxurious life of new F1 king Max Verstappen

2023 F1 champion Max Verstappen lives in a luxury seaside apartment in Monaco, travels by private jet and has a car collection worth £5 million.

On the weekend, Max Verstappen finished first in the Qatar Grand Prix to win the Formula 1 (F1) racing championship for the third time in a row. A successful career helped the new F1 king accumulate a fortune worth 165 million pounds. The Dutch star has a luxurious life with his girlfriend of 9 years, Kelly Piquet.

F1 champion Max Verstappen and his girlfriend of 9 years Kelly Piquet. Photo: Instagram Kelly Piquet

Max Verstappen is one of the highest paid stars in F1. Last year, he signed a 5-year contract with Red Bull for an amount of money described as the most generous in the history of this sport. According to The Sun, this contract is worth £45 million per year and could increase as Max continues to win.

Max also has a good income thanks to advertising contracts with brands G-Star RAW, Red Bull and EA Sports. The new king of F1 also has his own company selling hats, clothes and accessories.

Like many colleagues such as Lando Norris and Valtteri Bottas, Max Verstappen also chose Monaco as his home. He lives in a £13 million rented apartment overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Max is often seen exercising at the gym and exercising on the balcony facing the sea. On social networks, the F1 champion once shared photos of the apartment where he and his girlfriend Kelly lived with two Bengal cats.

When he has free time, Max relaxes with a £16,000 water motor. The Red Bull racer is said to have bought a private plane to easily travel around the world following F1 races. He bought the Falcon-900EX worth 12 million pounds from billionaire Richard Branson, with maintenance costs of about 830,000 pounds. The plane’s interior and exterior were modified according to Max’s preferences, such as being coated with matte paint and attaching a lion logo to the tail. Occasionally, the Dutch star gives a ride to some colleagues who are also in Monaco.

Max Verstappen bought the Falcon-900EX from billionaire Richard Branson to easily travel to F1 races. Photo: The Sun

Max Verstappen also loves cars, he has a collection of “cars” worth about 5 million pounds. The Sun said the cars were inspired by the spy character James Bond. Max has an Aston Martin DB11 – agent 007’s favorite car model – and a DB10 used in the movie Spectre. Besides the 2018 Vantage model and a DBS Superleggerais, the Dutch racer is said to have added an Aston Martin Valkyrieto worth up to 2.2 million pounds to his “car” collection.

In addition to his luxurious life, Max has also had a sweet love story with a 9-year-old single-child beauty, Kelly Piquet, for the past three years. The German-born model is the daughter of F1 legend Nelson Piquet. Kelly is often seen at the racetrack cheering on her boyfriend.

Max Verstappen’s girlfriend is a model, public relations expert and owner of a newspaper column about racing. She is also an influencer on social networks with more than 1.2 million followers. On her personal page, the 34-year-old beauty often shares luxury vacations in St Tropez and Florida. Before dating a racer 9 years younger than her, Kelly loved Russian racer Daniil Kvyat and had a daughter. Max Verstappen is the person who replaced Daniil Kvyat at Red Bull in 2016.

The Dutch racer dominated this season with 14 wins out of 17 races, taking the throne 5 rounds early. Max Verstappen currently has 433 points, 209 points more than second place Sergio Perez. At the age of 26, the Red Bull star has equaled the achievements of legends Ayrton Senna, Nikki Lauda and future father-in-law Nelson Piquet by winning F1 championship three times. Max is a “son of the family” when his father – Mr. Jos Verstappen – used to be a famous F1 racer.

Debuted in 2015, Max Verstappen has advanced rapidly in the F1 village, winning the championship from 2021 to present. Photo: Reuters

Even though he is dominating the F1 racing scene, Max hinted at retiring soon. When asked if he wanted to play until he was nearly 40 years old like some of his colleagues, he said: “No, absolutely not, I don’t want that. In my mind I already have a plan beyond Formula 1. It’s my great passion and I also want to make it happen”.

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