Michael Jackson’s family is angry with Chris Rock

Michael Jackson’s nephew said he and his family were angry when comedian Chris Rock compared the “King of Pop” to R. Kelly – who received decades in prison for crimes related to sexual abuse.

Image of Chris Rock in the show Chris Rock: Selective Outtrage 

Singer Taj Jackson, Michael Jackson’s nephew, was extremely upset after watching the special program Chris Rock: Selective Outtrage by Chris Rock, just released on Netflix. During the show, Chris Rock compared Michael Jackson and R. Kelly – “sexual predators”. R. Kelly was convicted of sexually abusing his goddaughter and many other girls.

This analogy of Chris Rock made Taj Jackson and Michael Jackson’s family very angry, because in the past, the “King of Pop” had faced many accusations many times < a i=1>sexually abusedchildren throughout his career.

Even in 2005, Michael Jackson appeared in court before being accused of sexual abuse from the family of a 13-year-old boy. At that time, Michael Jackson was declared innocent, but to this day, rumors regarding whether or not the male singer once sexually abused children are still being revived.

As for Michael Jackson’s family, members strongly oppose rumors and rumors from outside. Therefore, when they saw the clip of Chris Rock mentioning Michael Jackson, they immediately criticized.

Michael Jackson was accused of child molestation many times

Singer Taj Jackson claims Chris Rock attacked his deceased uncle. I have 3 things I want to say to the comedian after watching Chris Rock: Selective Outtrage.

First, he doesn’t know what Michael Jackson’s family has done to make Chris Rock disguise his personal harassment and bullying tactics as jokes for decades, and act them out everywhere.

Second, he knows Chris Rock was bullied since he was a child, but that doesn’t mean the comedian can bully others.

Third, Taj Jackson wanted to be sarcastic with Chris Rock, so he said thank you to Will Smith.

Previously, at the 2022 Oscars, Chris Rock was slapped on stage by Will Smith for bringing out his wife. prank. The incident attracted the media, and afterward, the organizers had punishments for Will Smith. With Taj Jackson, he thinks that Chris Rock deserved to be slapped because of his habit of teasing and teasing others.

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