Michael Jackson’s daughter, tired of being attacked for not talking about her father: “Stop using a person you never met”

The young woman exploded after receiving hurtful messages for not congratulating the singer on his birthday

Paris Jackson responds to the attacks she received on social networks for not posting a congratulatory birthday message to her father. Photos: Instagram

Paris, Michael Jackson ‘s daughter , sent a strong message on her social networks, after she received hundreds of negative comments in which they judged the young woman for not having made any publication alluding to her father’s birthday, who would have turned 65. years ago yesterday. The insistence with which they accused her of not loving her father was such that she uploaded an extensive video explaining the reasons why she does not usually share anything, since she assured that the “King of Pop” did not even like to celebrate his anniversary and, much less, that they congratulate him.

15 years have passed since the death of the “King of Pop” shocked the entire world because, even today, he remains one of the most beloved and recognized artists in the music industry. At that time, at the head of the singer’s coffin, we could see an 11-year-old Paris Jackson , mourning the departure of her father. Currently, she is already 25 years old and chose to dedicate herself to music as the performer of “Thriller”, however, over the years, the singer’s shadow haunts her, as her fans constantly pressure her.

This was the point she raised in a video she posted last night, after, throughout the day, she received messages and comments attacking her because she had not shared a post about what would have become her father’s 65th birthday, acknowledging that they had achieved his mission and that was why he now sat down to talk about this situation.

The young woman introduced the video by highlighting that, when Michael was still alive, he actually did not like to celebrate his birthday. In fact, Paris shared with her followers that, when she and her brothers; Prince Jackson and Blanket were little, her father did not want them to be aware of the day that was her anniversary, because he knew that, upon knowing it, they would want to organize a party for her.

“Today is my dad’s birthday, and when he was alive, he used to hate anyone who acknowledged his birthday, wished him a happy birthday, celebrated him, none of that, really, he didn’t even want us to know when his birthday was because we didn’t I wanted us to have a party,” he explained.

And although Paris knew very well that for the singer this was not a special date, Jackson’s fans were unaware, but for the young woman that is no reason for them to attack her in the way they have done every year, when Michael’s birthday is approaching, as he highlighted that he has received messages suggesting that he commit suicide.

“There have been times when I don’t post anything for my dad’s birthday and people lose their minds, telling me to kill myself.”

Paris regretted that people try to measure the love she feels for her mother by the number of publications she makes mentioning him, so she made a request to the people who read it, asking them not to use a man they have never met to mistreat to another person:
“Please don’t use a man you’ve never met as an excuse to abuse, manipulate and harass his daughter (who you’ve also never met).”

Furthermore, the young woman showed that, unlike what the artist’s fans believed, she did pay tribute to the singer for his birthday and, a very special one, since yesterday she was the opening artist for Incubus, the rock group that performed at the Las Colonias Park Amphitheater, in Colorado, because before starting his performance, he chatted with the audience, saying that it was a special date and also recognizing that everything that was now and the way it is done in music was owed to him to your father.

“He put 50 years of blood, sweat, tears, love and passion into doing what he did, so that I can stand here on stage in front of you and scream into a microphone, so I owe it all to him,” he said, while receiving applause from those present.

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