Being stalked, Michael Jackson’s daughter was so scared that she even took her dog onto the red carpet

Female singer Paris Jackson – daughter of the “King of Pop” Michael Jackson – attracted attention when he brought his dog to attend the event.

American singer Paris Jackson (25 years old) recently attended a charity event. Paris attracted attention in her latest appearance when she took her dog Koa onto the red carpet. Currently, Paris Jackson has to improve the security quality at her home, as well as calculate options to better protect herself.

In fact, Paris was stalked by a man for 4 years. Earlier this month, Paris officially filed a petition in court hoping to have a no-contact order issued by the court to protect her safety from a persistent stalker. This move was made by Paris after the stalker climbed over Paris’s fence and approached her window to observe inside the house.


Female singer Paris Jackson attracted attention when she brought her dog to attend the event (Photo: Daily Mail).

Paris Jackson said this incident made her feel scared when she had to stay home alone. This man started texting Paris in December 2019 through social networks. Since then, this man has continued to stalk and try to contact Paris.

When this man climbed the fence through the backyard and approached the house where Paris lived, he was discovered and quickly ran away. At the time of the incident, Paris was not at home, but a friend of hers who was staying here witnessed the entire incident. It was this friend who ran into the yard after discovering a strange man standing looking into the house.

Paris said she did not have any relationship with this man, but she had endured stalking for several years. This man was once arrested when he tried to break into Paris’s private home.

This man’s appearance at Paris’s home made her feel worried. His moves become increasingly bold, leading Paris to believe that even more terrifying incidents could happen.

Paris filed an application with the court hoping that the court would issue an official decision banning this man from contacting her in any form. At the same time, Paris also hopes that the court will issue an order requiring him to keep a distance from her, her home, her car, and stay away from anywhere she is present, including protest locations. to act.


The fact that Paris took her dog with her to attend the event made many people sympathize with her (Photo: Daily Mail).

Paris said she only had one direct confrontation with her stalker in June 2018, when he appeared at a studio where she often visited to record at that time.

At that time, this man told Paris that he had come to this studio many times waiting to meet her. One time, he even stood outside the studio for 15 hours. When a friend of Paris approached and asked what this man was doing, hanging out outside the studio all day, this person openly said that he was… stalking Paris Jackson.

In his interactions with Paris on social networks, this man always said she was his soulmate. He also affirmed that this story would have to come to an end, either he would have her or everything would stop with… a shot. All of this information was sent to court by Paris Jackson waiting for a verdict to be issued.

In the meantime, Paris Jackson – the only daughter of the late King of Pop Michael Jackson – has sought to improve security measures to protect herself. Recently, every time she goes out, Paris takes her dog Koa with her.

The fact that Paris took her dog with her to the event made many people sympathize with her. Perhaps Paris is in a period of great confusion and anxiety.

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