Tiger Woods’ future has been labeled a ‘pipe dream’ by fans

A disheartening start to the legend’s 2024 season! What else can we dub The Genesis Invitational as when it saw Tiger Woods being forced out of the same due to his influenza and dehydration? What’s more, the withdrawal surprised and shocked the community so much that the fans started to worry about the future of the 48-year-old, or more specifically, his next event on the circuit.

A tweet was shared by Daniel Rapaport on social media, putting forward the idea of him taking part in the upcoming Cognizant Classic. Meanwhile, as a result of the same, many of his fans took to the post to respond and express their worry over the 48-year-old, all the while discussing his schedule going forward.

A concerning picture for Tiger Woods’s future?

The post shared on X initially goes on to ask the fans whether Woods should play the Cognizant Classic, which was earlier known as the Honda Classic. Adding on, the enthusiast also pointed out the reason behind the idea as he pointed out how the golfer “didn’t get many reps in at Riv” owing to him being “just sick.” 

Continuing with the tweet, he adds that if Woods were to play at the PGA National Members Club on February 29th, then he could have a week off before and after the event. Moreover, the Hall of Famer would be able to “not play against a hyper-elite field, too,” all the while dubbing the thought “nice.”

But if the 15-time major champ is going ahead with the schedule he decided on by the end of 2023, then the next tournament he would be playing would be at the Players Championship. Following the same, if Woods is to continue taking part in one event per month, then the months of April to July would see him taking part in each major championship.

That was just one of the opinions that arose on the internet following the Genesis Invitational. Surprisingly, a few hours after the tweet was shared, many in the community also commented under the same with their thoughts on the 82-time PGA Tour champ’s future schedule.

Where would Woods play next?

From expressing concern over the golfer’s health to pointing out the aftereffects of playing at the Cognizant Classic, his fans did have a lot to say. Nevertheless, curiosity naturally arises to find out what they talked about in the comments section. So, let us take a quick look.

Bob “Golf” Ball, a journalist, pointed out how it might become a disaster if Woods goes ahead and plays the Cognizant Classic and ends up flopping. Moreover, he also highlighted the effect it would have on the deal with SSG and his recent ‘Sun Day Red’ brand’s value.


No matter what anyone says, there are still thousands of ardent fans of the golfer, if not more. Well, a similar follower called attention to the same while referring to the number of people that might show up at the Cognizant Classic if Woods does participate.


Another enthusiast came forward with his take on the professional’s schedule. Other than the majors and the Players Championship, as per the X user, the 48-year-old, on a good year, would only be able to play at most a maximum of 3-4 events, owing to him not being in the condition he was during his prime.


Greediness is never good, and a fan rightfully pointed that out. They went ahead to convey how they’d rather have Woods playing at Augusta National than have him take a break due to the Cognizant Classic. It seems he wants the pro to follow his own schedule.


Another fan came forward to express their wish to see him at the Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill Golf Course. However, while doing so, they made sure to highlight the record that Mr. T. had in the tournament.

The four major championships are the end goal for any player in the sport. Interestingly, another enthusiast agreed as they took to the comments section to urge the golfer to fully focus on the upcoming major tournaments, starting in April with the Masters.

What do you think about his schedule? Do you think Woods should play at the Cognizant Classic or at the Players Championship? Let us know in the comments below.

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