Bruno Mars – From a child who had to sleep on the roof to the biggest “perfectionist” in the world of music

Known as the “perfectionist” in the world, Bruno Mars sets strict standards for himself at work. He constantly asked others for their opinions about his products and seemed not to pay attention to compliments.

Bruno Mars was born in 1985 and grew up in a multi-ethnic family. His father is of mixed Puerto Rican and Jewish descent, and his mother is Filipino with Spanish descent. Bruno spent most of his childhood in the Hawaiian Islands , where many people are mixed-race.

That’s why he never thought about discrimination between races. Later, Bruno Mars shared that he had to change his mind when he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a music career .

Growing up in an artistic family, Bruno Mars was exposed to music early. He learned to play many different musical instruments such as piano, guitar or drums by learning from his parents.

At the age of four, Bruno Mars began performing with his family’s band, The Love Notes, and frequently imitated famous artists such as Elvis Presley or Michael Jackson. The nickname “little Elvis” was born and three years later, it became little Bruno’s first role in the comedy Honeymoon in Vegas.

Close along with many famous stars on screen such as James Caan, Nicolas Cage and Sarah Jessica Parker, Bruno Mars still maintains his confidence even though he is only seven years old. Bruno’s analysis in the film was praised by many people even after 29 years.

At first, Bruno Mars’ parents feared that this obligation would get him into trouble, but on the contrary, it made “little Elvis” gradually become famous at home. Bruno had the opportunity to appear on many major shows such as The Arsenio Hall Show in 1982, Aloha Bowl in 1990 and was even interviewed on MTV.

When Bruno Mars was twenty years old, his parents divorced and his band activities ended. Bruno moved out to live with his father and brother, the three of them wandered here and there, sometimes sleeping on the roof, sometimes in a zoo where his father used to work.

In 2003, at Mike’s suggestion, Bruno Mars moved to Los Angeles to pursue music. He decided to use the name Bruno diminutive and add the surname Mars as an artistic expression. Later, Bruno revealed that he did this to avoid knowledge about his origin.

From writing music for others to journeying to stardom

A year later, Bruno Mars signed a contract with the Soul music label Motown Records. However, after several months of cooperation, Bruno decided to leave the disc.

During this time, Bruno Mars began performing around Los Angeles with his new band, S.ex Panther. He also collaborated on songwriting with producer Philip Lawrence and submitted audio recordings for discs, but they were all rejected.

Feeling disappointed when I wanted to get rid of the call, but later, someone offered to buy the song Lost of double. Initially, Bruno and Philip both did not agree, but when they were paid up to $20,000, they agreed to give up their brainchild for operating funds.

Bruno Mars’ days of hard work as a writer have finally paid off. He became a famous producer and composed many hits for many singers and bands.

Bruno Mars - From a child who had to sleep on the roof to the most perfectionist in the world of music - Picture 1

Bruno is the co-writer of the song Get Sexy performed by Sugarbabes, contributed to the album Animal of Far East Movement and produced the hit Nothing On You for male rapper BoB.

For six long years, Bruno only wrote music for other artists. One day, Philip Lawrence introduced him to the head of the artist search department at Atlantic Records, Aaron Bay-Schuck.

After hearing Bruno sing a few songs, Bay-Schuck immediately offered him a contract. Three years later, Bruno Mars is officially an artist with Atlantic Records.

At that time, Atlantic Records was a major global record company and belonged to Warner Brothers Records, later renamed Warner Music Group. There is now active music in Vietnam with the establishment of Warner Music Vietnam with artists such as Thai Vu and Chillies.

In 2010, Bruno Mars released his first EP, It’s Better If You Don’t Understand. This EP was not a success, only ranking 99 on the US Billboard 200 chart.

Bruno Mars - From a child who had to sleep on the roof to the most perfectionist in the world of music - Picture 2

Bruno Mars’s journey from Just the Way You Are to Doo-Wops & Hooligans

Two months later, Bruno Mars released the single Just the Way You Are, a ballad with a catchy chorus. The song swept the music charts in many countries, including the US, Canada and Australia.

In November 2010, Bruno’s debut studio album Doo-Wops & Hooligans was officially released. This is a Pop, Reggae, Soul and Rock music album with songs with themes of love and partying.

The album’s music is inspired by Michael Jackson and Kanye West, while Bruno’s singing style is influenced by Shakira and U2.

Commercially, Doo-Wops & Hooligans achieved quite good results. The album ranked third on the Billboard 200 chart and sold 55,000 copies in the first week, and the singles released from the album became huge hits.

From there, Bruno Mars’ career turned to a new page. He became a dream singer for the tours of Maroon 5 and OneRepublic. Bruno also launched his own tour and gained loyal fans.

Journey from second studio album to 24K Magic

That same year, Bruno released his second album, Unorthodox Jukebox. Two singles from the album, Locked out of Heaven and When I Was Your Man, quickly dominated the charts, making Bruno the fastest male artist to have five number one singles in the US.

Two years after the release of Unorthodox Jukebox, Bruno Mars first performed at the Super Bowl halftime show, a dream with any popular artist in America. His performance attracted nearly 120 million viewers, higher than the official audience.

The pinnacle of his career came in 2016 with his third studio album, 24K Magic. Bruno said that in this album, he wanted to recreate the music that he listened to in his childhood.

The image of Bruno Mars in 24K Magic is also more youthful and youthful than the old albums. Throughout the MVs, there are images of him wearing a baseball cap, shorts, a gold belt and sneakers.

Bruno Mars - From a child who had to sleep on the roof to the most perfectionist in the world of music - Picture 3

Thanks to this album, he received six nominations at the 2018 Grammy Awards and won all six, including the important category of Album of the Year. Previously, the song All I Ask in collaboration with Adele also brought Bruno a Grammy award.

Formed the band Silk Sonic with Anderson .Paak

After a period of rest, in February 2021, Bruno Mars announced his return to the music industry. This time, he reappeared as a member of the band Silk Sonic with American rapper Anderson .Paak.

A month later, the duo released the song Leave the Door Open to represent the group’s first album, An Evening with Silk Sonic. After its release, the song immediately reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and collected nearly 24 million streams on Spotify. On the YouTube platform, the official MV of Leave the Door Open has currently received more than two hundred million views. This achievement further affirms Bruno Mars’s solid position in the classical music industry.

But he still holds the Bruno Mars mark in the hearts of music lovers

Spending his childhood in Hawaii fostered Bruno Mars’s love of music and curiosity about different music genres. He loves many styles and doesn’t want to be stuck in any mold.

Bruno’s representational style is a harmony of many names. He has the energy of Michael Jackson, the playfulness of Prince and the demeanor of James Brown . Dance techniques such as lock ‘n’ pop, hip strike or moonwalk are all studied and used by Bruno.

Bruno Mars - From a child who had to sleep on the roof to the most perfectionist in the world of music - Picture 4

On stage, Bruno Mars completely captivated the audience, but his graceful dancing and creativity brought him a shower of praise from the press and critics.

Rolling Stone music magazine ranked him 35th on the list of the best performing artists of 2013. Meanwhile, Billboard magazine said he performed better than most artists today.

The connoisseur of the world music industry

Known as the “perfectionist” in the world, Bruno Mars sets strict standards for himself at work. He constantly asked others for their opinions about his products and seemed not to pay attention to compliments.

Bruno always works hard to produce the most precise products. Staying up until three o’clock in the morning in the studio or recording twenty different versions of the same song because “the atmosphere of the song isn’t quite what you want” is something that often happens to him.

Or when collaborating with “English painter” Adele on the ballad All I Ask, Bruno continuously revised the song’s lyrics even while recording. Later, he shared that he was extremely sorry for not changing the word “lovers” in the first song.

It is this integrity that has earned Bruno Mars great respect from his colleagues. James Fauntleroy, a musician who worked with Bruno on the album 24K Magic, commented on him:

“Yes but you are just an entertainer. But Bruno is a real music artist. He cares about the rhythm and sound in the music.”

Throughout two decades of singing, Bruno Mars has never lost his seriousness about music. But the good song, the powerful voice and the charming dance moves will always be the things that the audience remembers when talking about him.

Bruno Mars - From a child who had to sleep on the roof to the most perfectionist in the world of music - Picture 5

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