The Weeknd posts sultry behind-the-scenes snaps from ‘The Idol’ after ‘bumpy’ road

He’s saving his tears for another day.

The Weeknd admitted to having a “bumpy journey” after his highly-criticized HBO show, “The Idol,” wrapped one episode earlier than expected on Sunday night.

“the finale. grateful to share this moment with you all as the season comes to an end,” the show’s co-creator wrote via Instagram Tuesday, sharing several behind-the-scenes pics.

“continue to push the vision no matter how bumpy the journey,” The Weeknd, 33, concluded, tagging the show’s lead actress Lily-Rose Depp, 24, and his co-creator and show director Sam Levinson, 38.

“Jocelyn Forever 🎭,” he added of Depp’s character in the show – a troubled pop star trying to make a comeback but falls in with cult leader Tedros (The Weeknd) along the way.

The Weeknd on set of "The Ido."
“continue to push the vision no matter how bumpy the journey,” The Weeknd captioned his Instagram post.theweekend/Instagram
In the photos, The Weeknd (real name: Abel Tesfaye) is seen dressed in character, creepy rat-tail hairstyle and all. He also posted a few solo shots of Depp and pics featuring their other cast members.

Several netizens flooded the comments section to point out that “The Idol” was far more than just “bumpy.”

“Please go back to making haunted strip club music,” one person snipped in the comments section.

Lily-Rose Depp on set of "The Idol."
He also shared how grateful he was to his cast and crew.theweekend/Instagram
“Literal s–t show,” a second person wrote.

“So s–t. Please go into hibernation,” another agreed.

“UnAbel to see the point of this show,” someone joked.

“Keep it that way, final. Rubbish,” a critic added.

The cast of "The Idol."
Critics responded to the singer’s post by ripping into the HBO show.theweekend/Instagram
“My brother. This show is awful and embarrassing,” one more said.

Even before debuting at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival in May, the show has been plagued by controversy.

In March, sources close to production told Rolling Stone that the series was filled with “torture porn” and “rape fantasy” and claimed the set was chaotic and toxic during filming.

Sam Levinson and The Weeknd on set of "The Idol."
The Weeknd has continuously defended the show and co-creator Sam Levinson.theweekend/Instagram
Depp immediately denied the accusations, telling The Post at the time that Levinson was “the best director I have ever worked with” for “so many reasons.”

“Never have I felt more supported or respected in a creative space, my input and opinions more valued. Working with Sam is a true collaboration in every way — it matters to him, more than anything, not only what his actors think about the work, but how we feel performing it,” she said in a statement.

“He hires people whose work he esteems and has always created an environment in which I felt seen, heard and appreciated.”

Lily-Rose Depp on set of "The Idol."
The show was slammed for including “rape fantasy” and “torture porn” in March.Instagram/lilyrose_depp
The Weeknd also hit back at the claims, posting a cheeky Instagram post making fun of Rolling Stone. The “Starboy” singer shared a scene from “The Idol” in which Tedros and Jocelyn agree that her posing on the Rolling Stone cover would be bad for her career because the publication is “irrelevant” and “past its prime.”

He captioned the post, “@rollingstone did we upset you ?”

Critics have also dragged the show for being overly explicit. While some accused Depp of showing too much nudity, others claimed the show’s creators exploited the actress. The New York Times called the show a “Pornhub-Homepage odyssey” and Variety claimed Depp’s many sex scenes “scandalizes Cannes.”

Lily-Rose Depp on set of "The Idol."
Sources also claimed that the show had a toxic work environment.Instagram/lilyrose_depp
Once the show premiered on HBO and Max, “The Idol” was hit with even more backlash. The Weeknd and Depp were called out for their “cringy” X-rated scenes, and viewers were mortified by a “sickening” joke in the script about Jeffrey Epstein.

The show, which notoriously lost more than 100,000 viewers after the first episode of season 1 premiered, was also dubbed “comically bad.”

But The Weeknd and Depp continued to defend the show and claimed to be happy with the negative reactions.

The Weeknd said that the backlash the show received was “very much expected” while Depp shared that they were knowingly making something racy.

The Weeknd and Lily-Rose Depp in "The Idol."
The Weeknd and Depp were also called out for acting in several risqué sex scenes.Instagram/lilyrose_depp
“We know that we’re making something provocative and we are not shying away from that,” Lily-Rose said in a June interview with Vogue Australia. “That’s something I knew I was setting out to do from the beginning.

She added, “It’s OK if this show isn’t for everyone and that’s fine.”

The show was originally reported to run for six episodes but shocked viewers when HBO announced that Sunday’s fifth episode would be the Season 1 finale.

“Seriously, all that drama and controversy for just 5 episodes??? ! I feel like I wasted my time watching The Idol,” one viewer tweeted, adding they were “Very, very Disappointed.”

Lily-Rose Depp on set of "The Idol."
Depp has defended working with Levinson, saying he is “the best director I have ever worked with.”Instagram/lilyrose_depp
“im starting to think either the idol critics were saying stuff just to say it to exaggerate or they were genuinely right and sam cut out certain scenes,” another wrote.

Amid the backlash, a source exclusively told Page Six this week that Levinson ordered The Weeknd and Depp to film a “disturbing” rape scene that was eventually cut from the final edit. But Depp and the “Save Your Tears” artist have been strong defenders of the “Euphoria” director.

Like The Weekend, Depp also took to Instagram to celebrate the end of the show’s first season by posting racy photos from “The Idol” set.

Lily-Rose Depp with co-stars on "The Idol."
The show wrapped one episode earlier than expected.Instagram/lilyrose_depp
“That’s a wrap on season 1 of @theidol. Thank you all for watching, listening, laughing & crying with us,” she wrote. “Thank you to everyone-cast, crew, and everyone in between-who poured their hearts into making this show.”

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