Selena Gomez Revealed The Difficult Turning Point That Led Her To Overcoming Her Mental Health Challenges (H)

Selena Gomez’s mental health took a turn for the worst, but a devastating heartbreak gave her the confidence to persevere.

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Selena Gomez has had quite a journey when it comes to mental health. After releasing her documentary My Mind & Me in 2022, Gomez willingly exposed everything she had been battling ever since being a childhood star on Barney.

As she tried to shed her Disney past and mature as an artist in the music industry, the former Wizards of Waverly Place actress dealt with body dysmorphia and bipolar disorder alongside struggling with the reality of her chronic lupus disease.

Despite her dispositions and challenges, Gomez found the courage to open up about her struggles in hopes of further normalizing conversations about mental health. Before reaching this point, however, Gomez had to undergo an inner transformation to find the courage to expose her vulnerabilities, and the turning point happened to be a breakup.

Selena Gomez’s Heart-Break Gave Her The Confidence To Confront Her Mental Health

A few days following the release of her documentary My Mind & Me, Selena Gomez appeared alongside Jay Shetty on his podcast, On Purpose.

The hour-and-a-half interview tackled everything under the sun when it came to Gomez’s powerful documentary and the things it exposed about her and her life of fame. Due to its raw and vulnerable contents, Shetty couldn’t help but ask Gomez what the turning point for her was when she decided to confront her mental health and to later share her story with the world.

Fans have been noticing some major differences in Selena’s voice, which may be the latest thing to be affected by her health struggles.

Selena Gomez’s response was straightforward: heartbreak.

“I started beginning to gain that confidence when I went through a breakup, and that’s something that was super public.”

Selena Gomez's 10 Most Popular Songs, Ranked (According To Spotify) via: YouTube / Instar 

Although Gomez didn’t say any names, the signs and details point to her ex-boyfriend, Justin Bieber, whom Gomez had dated on and off for years.

Gomez continued to recall the sadness and other feelings that arose when facing a brutal and public breakup, saying, “All of those things that I felt so bad about myself and just so terrible. Every day I wanted to debunk those feelings. I wanted to take control over that narrative.”

A Reddit thread pointed out that Justin’s management appeared to have a vague response to Selena and Benny’s PDA-filled picture.

The heartbreak eventually taught Gomez how to be open and honest with the people around her, and she refers to this lesson as her greatest gift.

Selena Gomez Was Extremely Anxious To Release Her Documentary

When one is watching Selena Gomez’s My Mind & Me, one can’t help but feel they are accidentally witnessing something that should be private, because it quite literally grants full access to the thoughts and feelings of Gomez during the most tumultuous time in her life.

It’s not surprising that Gomez debated the release of such a candid documentary. However, she ultimately decided to share her story because she felt that her message was much bigger than her fears.

“After having an internal battle  I mean daily at one point. ‘Maybe I shouldn’t do this. Maybe I shouldn’t release it. This is too honest. This is too much of myself.’ Until I realized that, ultimately, it was meant for something bigger. It wasn’t just about me, it was about other people.”

The director of My Mind & Me, Alek Keshishian, began filming in 2016 under the impression that the film would simply highlight Gomez and her tour at the time, according to Variety. However, it evolved to capture heart-wrenching moments fans of Gomez couldn’t possibly fathom their beloved star had endured.

Selena made a sweet post for Francia’s birthday, but she didn’t get one in return.

Throughout the documentary, Selena Gomez is seen crying, having anxiety attacks, and frequenting doctor appointments to care for her lupus, all while struggling to remain afloat in the spotlight.

Selena Gomez eyes in red dress at MTV Music Awards 2023Via: Instar

It’s no wonder why Selena Gomez was nervous about releasing My Mind & Me, because once she opened this Pandora’s Box of secrets, there was no way in hell that she’d be able to close it.

What Is Selena Gomez Doing Now?

Before releasing her documentary on November 4, 2022, Selena Gomez released her single “My Mind & Me,” which set the tone for what was to come musically for the “Lose You To Love Me” artist.

Aside from starring in Hulu’s original show Only Murders in the Building and her reality cooking show Selena + Chef, Gomez seems to have been in the studio making music.

Some of these Selena Gomez songs have been streamed billions of times on Spotify, as of December 2023.

Recently she released her single “Single Soon,” which so far is the only music she has released since “My Mind & Me.” However, something may be in the works as we speak.

Selena Gomez’s Projects Since Her Documentary

Selena + Chef (aired in 2020 and is currently in its fifth season)
Only Murders in the Building (aired in 2021 and has currently been renewed for a fourth season)
“Single Soon” single (released in August 2023).

Selena Gomez Attending Hulu's Only Murders in the Building FYC Event in LAvia: Instar

Seeing that Selena Gomez has returned to the spotlight and is engaging in projects that she enjoys, it’s safe to say that her documentary did, in fact, serve as a way to release her past self so that she can make room for the confident, brave woman she is today. Even though she had to undergo a heart-shattering breakup to find her voice, it ultimately worked in her favor.

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