Paris Hilton reveals why she kept pregnancies a secret: ‘I’m really happy I did it that way’

How Paris Hilton surprised her whole family with newborn daughter London on Thanksgiving

Paris Hilton revealed that she kept her pregnancies under wraps because most of her life has already “been so public.”

While discussing the birth of her two kids within one year with Romper, the socialite explained that she wanted to enjoy the pregnancies as privately as possible.

“My life has been so public, so out there,” she told the outlet in an interview published Tuesday. “I didn’t want my son coming into this world with any negative energy. I’m really happy I did it that way, just for Carter and I to have that journey together without the outside world chirping in.”

Hilton and her husband, Carter Reum, welcomed son Phoenix in January 2023. Eleven months later, they announced the birth of their daughter, London.

The “Paris In Love” star, who has been in the spotlight for almost the entirety of her life, further explained that she feels protective of her children’s privacy.

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton revealed she kept her pregnancies a secret to savor the privacy of motherhood.

“My narrative and my story has been told by the media for half my life, and I just didn’t want my child being put out into the world without me being in control,” she said.

“You become a mama bear.”

Despite her protective nature, the 42-year-old came across that “negative energy” after sharing images of her son on social media.

In an October Instagram post, trolls took to the comments section to bash Phoenix for the size of his head.

“y’all he’s just got a lot on his mind leave the kid alone 😭,” one user commented.

Paris Hilton with pink teddy bear

The reality star shared that she didn’t want her first-born to “come into this world” with any “negative energy.”Danielle Levitt for ROMPER

Another asked if the child has “encephalitis,” adding, “Like what is actually going on I’m not trying to be rude that doesn’t seem normal.”

At the time, Hilton clapped back in the comment section of a video defending her son, calling the trolls “sick.”

“My angel is perfectly healthy,” she wrote.

Paris Hilton with husband and son

Hilton welcomed her son, Phoenix, with husband Carter Reum in January.Paris Hilton/Instagram

Speaking to Romper on the experience, Hilton said, “Say what you want about me, but this is a little, innocent baby.”

“The fact that there’s people that are sick in the head that they would go and talk about a child like that made me so angry. It just made me think: These people are the exact reason why I kept him a secret.”

On Nov. 24, Hilton revealed the arrival of her daughter, London, by posting a sweet image to Instagram of a pink outfit with her daughter’s name monogrammed on the front.

Days later, the “Stars Are Blind” singer shared that she waited until the food-filled holiday to “surprise” her family with the joyous news as well.

Paris Hilton's second baby birth announcement, pink clothing

The “Stars Are Blind” singer welcomed her daughter, London, 10 months later.Paris Hilton/Instagram
“Everyone thought a magician was coming. Like, we have a performer coming in. So everyone’s all excited,” she recalled on “LIVE With Kelly and Mark.”

“Then, I [walked] in just holding like a pink blanket with a baby, and everybody was sitting there like, ‘What?!’”

Hilton told the talk show hosts that the only people in on the secret were her husband, her mother [Kathy Hilton] and her sister [Nicki Hilton].

“My parents did not know when it was happening but knew it was going to happen.”

Paris Hilton in purple coat

The mother of two shared that she was “happy” they chose to keep it a secret and not have the “outside world chirping in.”Danielle Levitt for ROMPER
Paris similarly surprised her family when she welcomed her son.

In a preview clip of “Paris In Love” Season 2, Paris presented Phoenix to her mother, sharing that she had a “surprise.”

“This is your grandson,” Paris told her mother as the teary-eyed “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star asked her if she was “serious.”

Paris Hilton with son Phoenix

“You become mama bear,” the 42-year-old businesswoman explained.Paris Hilton/Instagram
Now that she is fully in her motherhood era, the former party girl told Romper that she couldn’t be happier to welcome the change.

“I used to look at my friends who’d be like, ‘Oh, I have to go home to my kids and my husband,’ like, ‘You’re so lame. This is so fun. I can’t imagine being like that,’” she shared.

“Now I’m one of those boring people, and I couldn’t be happier. I couldn’t imagine it any other way.”

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