Paris Hilton Debates Letting Mom Kathy Hilton In on Baby News with Daughter London: ‘It’s a Hard Decision’

Paris notes that she doesn’t want to hurt her mom’s feelings but still longs for the privacy she had in the first days of Phoenix’s life

Kathy Hilton arrives at the The Elizabeth Taylor Ball To End AIDS; Paris Hilton attends the CHANEL dinner to celebrate the launch of Sofia Coppola Archive: 1999-2023 at Chateau Marmont


Paris Hilton is faced with a tough decision.

In a clip from season 2 of Paris In Love, shared by the newly-minted mom of two, 42, on Instagram Friday, Paris can be seen discussing baby no. 2 with husband Carter Reum.

As the two prepare to take the journey to welcome daughter London— whose birth was announced by the couple last week — Paris finds herself debating whether she’d do things differently than the first time.

“I don’t know. I’m always worried about what people say and I don’t like that energy,” the protective mom explains.

In a confessional, she explains, “Life felt complete having Phoenix, but I think it’ll feel more complete when I have a daughter, London. I want them to be one grade apart in school … Time is coming soon!”

Paris also found herself on the fence about whether or not to let mom Kathy Hilton in on the journey this time around.

While Kathy had an emotional reaction to her daughter’s surprise baby news when she welcomed son Phoenix Barron, now 10 months old, she made it clear she wanted things to go differently the second time around.

In a flashback, Kathy can be seen telling Paris, “When the next one comes, I definitely want to be be a part of it. And I would feel hurt.”

“I want to tell my mom because I feel like it’s really going to hurt her feelings if I don’t tell her,” she explained to Reum.

Kathy hilton, Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton and Kathy Hilton.

“Pro is she’ll be happy and she’ll help me plan the nursery and baby clothes. But it was just so nice having no one bothering us or — I don’t know, it was just our world,” she continued, referencing Phoenix’s quiet arrival.

“I’m like torn between both … I know I can trust her, but it’s just a hard decision.”

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