Chicago West blows kisses to the camera in new pics with mom Kim Kardashian as fans think she’ll be the next Kim’s version

CHICAGO West has mimicked her mom’s most famous facial expression in an adorable new set of selfies as fans fawn over her beauty.

The older the Kar-Jenner child gets, the more fans have noticed her growing resemblance to her mom.

Kim shared selfies with her daughter Chicago

Kim shared selfies with her daughter ChicagoCredit: Instagram/Kim Kardashian

Fans were stunned by the similarities between the two

Fans were stunned by the similarities between the twoCredit: Instagram/Kim Kardashian
Now Kim, 42, has shared a few sweet selfies with her youngest daughter Chicago, five, as she reunites with the little girl after her recent international trip.

The reality star took to her Instagram profile on Tuesday to post cute pics with the tiny tot who was dressed in a pink zip-up jacket and puka shell necklace.

The TV personality sported a black zip-up jacket to match her daughter.

In the first snap, Chicago smiled while Kim gave her signature kissy face to the camera.

In a second, the little girl threw up a peace sign, and in the third, she pursed her lips to copy her mom’s most iconic look.

The makeup mogul captioned her post with a simple pink heart as fans flooded the comments with their compliments.


Many were astounded at how similar Chicago looked to her mom, as many claimed she looked like Kim’s “twin” or “clone.”

“Omg your twin for sure,” one wrote, receiving over 2k likes in agreement.

“Chi is such a doll. Kim 2.0,” a second gushed.

“She’s literally your mini me,” a third remarked, while a fourth commented: “QUEENS! Chi and Mini Kim.”

“Omg y’all are twins,” a fifth wrote.

“Her literal twin,” a final put shortly.


Over the weekend, Kim stunned fans with an adorable throwback photo that had many saying again that her youngest daughter, Chicago, is her “twin.”

The TV star took to her Instagram over the weekend to share a throwback photo of herself from 1987.

In the snap, she appeared to be sitting on the ground while wearing a pink T-shirt dress.

She had on a pair of pink socks with frilly detailing, sneakers, and wore pink ribbons in her hair.

The Hulu star had her hair in pigtails and dragons painted on her face.

While several fans took to the comments to gush over how “beyond cute” Kim looked, others shared the photo on a Kardashian-themed message board, noting the similarities between the reality star and one of her kids.

One fan wrote: “All I see is Chicago in this pic!”

On Instagram, another fan commented: “I’m seeing ChiChi.”

Someone else wrote: “Is that you, Chicago?”

A fourth fan chimed in: “Chi Chi is that you?”

Another person wrote: “And this pic all I see is Chi. Twins.”

A six fan added: “Looks like Chicago.”

Someone else chimed in with: “Thought this was Chi for a second! She’s your twin.”


Fans have been hung up on Chicago’s appearance for some time, though she’s previously been compared to Kendall Jenner.

Folks suggest she may have a future as a model, dethroning her aunt one day in the not-so-distant future.

Earlier this month, Kim shared a photo on her Instagram Story comparing her youngest daughter and her sister.

She posted a side-by-side photo that featured a picture of Kendall at a modeling gig and Chicago in a family Christmas card.

In the photos, both appeared to be pulling serious faces and looking down slightly.

They were each rocking middle parts and fans couldn’t help but see the similarities in their face shape and structure.

Kim taught her little girl her signature kissy face

Kim taught her little girl her signature kissy faceCredit: Instagram/Kim Kardashian

Fans have said their resemblance is uncanny

Fans have said their resemblance is uncannyCredit: Instagram/@kimkardashian

Kim has previously suggested that her daughter could follow in Kendall's footsteps

Kim has previously suggested that her daughter could follow in Kendall’s footstepsCredit: Instagram/kimkardashian

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