All of Cardi B’s most unforgettable hairstyles: From bubblegum pink bows to printed ponytails

Cardi B is a lot of things – artistic genius, meme queen and the reason we’ve all been blessed with the WAP dance to name a few. Wallflower, however, she is not – she loves a statement look.

Because while her natural hair is downright gorgeous (and she has a few hacks up her sleeve for keeping it at its very glossiest), there’s no denying her wig collection is in a class of its own, and she loves showing it off in the form of an array of adventurous mane moments.

She’s rocked every colour from grey to green, and her styles are often even more unforgettable than her shades (especially in the case of her latest look).

We’ve rounded up the best and boldest moments from Cardi B’s hair history; get ready for a rainbow-hued ride down memory lane.


Y2K hair is back in full force and Cardi B has given the ’00s favourite ‘racoon hair’ trend an update with her neon striped lob. And the asymmetric cut? We are living for this punk-era revival.


Making a mullet chic and modern is no easy feat, but leave it to Cardi to do the near-impossible! Showing off a wet-look chocolate brown mullet style in a recent post, she turned a previously hated hairstyle into an epic one; impressive.


It’s like Cindy Lou Who met Valentine’s Day Barbie and they teamed up to create the wildest (and most iconic) style of all time.


Cardi’s latest mane masterpiece? This glitzy pearl-adorned Gatsby vibe, created (yet again) by her incredible hair stylist @tokyostylez.


Even when rocking her natural colour, Cardi often still switches up her style. We love this jet-black crop on her; very Kris Jenner.


My Little Pony, but make it chic. This summery sunset shade mix has to be one of our absolute favourites on her.


With space buns on either side and a fuchsia chunk of fringe in the centre, this look is wild, but it works.


This look was solely lime at first sight, but the kaleidoscope of colours beneath was revealed with a flawlessly-executed hair flip.


This flaming orange-red moment gives a whole new meaning to ‘putting a ring on it’. Bonus points for the braids, too.


Bubblegum pink and a bow? You can’t get much sweeter than this statement style, and the cotton candy colour is gorgeous against her skin tone.


Well, would you look at that; it’s the hair colour equivalent of a chocolate, caramel and vanilla sundae. Deliciously good.


Ah, the infamous printed ponytail. She certainly took ‘designer everything’ to a new level with this Louis Vuitton monogram moment.


No need to ever fear going grey when it looks this fresh; Cardi matched her mane to her jewels with this icy silver shade.


Another ridiculously good rainbow situation, this time with fairy floss as the top hue and a purple-blue-green-yellow gradient layered underneath.


The colour may be natural, but the beehive-shaped pearl atop her topknot ensures even her more natural looks are anything but ordinary.


Whoever said the whole thing about ‘blue and green never being seen without a colour in between’ has officially been proven wrong.


Clearly even Cardi isn’t immune to the effects of the whole ‘everyone’s getting a fringe and looking amazing’ thing, debuting brand new bangs via her ‘gram.


Wig artist extraordinaire Tokyo Stylez designed this electric and neon blue puzzle piece moment for the rapper just in time for Halloween.


Lucius Malfoy is that you? Cardi could pull off a pretty convincing ‘Potter’ growl with this tendril-adorned loose low pony. If only she’d also gone platinum blonde…


Sure, bleach blonde isn’t exactly a statement shade for someone who has rocked rainbow hair many a time, but let us have this one, okay? Cardi with a platinum pixie cut is a moment.


Cardi B’s hairstylist Mia the Diamond (AKA @tokyostylez) worked some love heart hair magic in celebration of Valentine’s Day. She even uploaded a tutorial to Instagram that gave an insider look behind the process so viewers could recreate Cardi’s ‘Lover Girl Swoop’ hair part at home. Mia accentuated Cardi B’s cupid’s bow-shaped hairline by swooping her baby hairs into a waved pattern that disappeared behind her heart-shaped locket earrings. Iconic.


Another printed masterpiece from Cardi? We are not worthy. Rocking a red, sleek wig was evidently not enough; her hair guru @tokyostylez stencilled it with elaborate illustrations to up the ‘wow factor’.


Cardi B celebrated Pride in style with a rainbow wig, featuring hues of red, purple, blue and green layered over a bright blonde bob.


Despite Will Byers’ hair in Stranger Things being iconic, we’ve always generally filed bowl cuts away in the ‘never coming back’ category. Until now, that is: did Cardi just make the bowl cut cool again?!


Look, we were always up for giving our Barbie dolls new ‘dos (including cuts they’d never recover from), but Cardi has taken that idea and run, using several severed Barbie heads (brutal, huh?) to create her own new ‘do.


Channelling her inner Ariel, Cardi debuted red, waist-length, wavy locks in a recent SKIMS campaign. Impressive length aside, the deep red colour also looks amazing on the rapper.

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