Steve Harvey’s Real Kids Bring Evidence To Reveal How Majorie Made Him Choose Her Over Them: Him for being a deadbeat | HO

Steve Harvey’s Real Kids Bring Evidence To Reveal How Majorie Made Him Choose Her Over Them

Y’all the Steve Harvey drama just got more insane because his biological kids just exposed him for being a deadbeat

Things have been rough for Steve Harvey in the past couple of weeks, but it turns out that the rumors of Marjorie cheating on him weren’t the worst. His four biological kids are now speaking up and exposing Marjorie for forcing Steve to choose HER over his own kids, and this is why Steve was a deadbeat father to them.

Steve Harvey & Wife Marjorie Elaine's Kids From Past Relationships Were  Against Their Marriage When They First Met But The Comedian Didn't  Entertain Them: “I Just Walked Out The Room...” – Watch
The Steve Harvey drama has taken an even more shocking turn, with his four biological children exposing him as a deadbeat father. The revelations suggest that Steve’s focus on Marjorie and her children has left his own kids feeling unloved and neglected. According to an insider, the heart of the issue lies in Steve prioritizing Marjorie’s kids over his own, causing significant strain in the family.

Steve’s tumultuous marital history includes two failed marriages before Marjorie. His first wife, Marsha Harvey, is the mother of his first three children – Brandi, Carly, and Broderick. Despite his absentee parenting, Steve pursued his second wife, Mary, while still married to Marsha. Mary played a crucial role in helping Steve build his comedy career, investing her life savings. However, Steve’s attention shifted when he encountered Marjorie at a comedy club, leading to a messy divorce with Mary.

Steve’s relationship with his children became strained, with reports suggesting he missed his twins’ high school graduation. However, the most distressing revelations involve his son Winton, who allegedly faced physical abuse from Steve. Police reports detailed incidents where Steve used a belt and a paddle board on Winton, leading to injuries and distressing experiences. The case was investigated by Child Protective Services but ultimately dropped.

Where's the Twins?': Steve Harvey's Family Vacation Leaves Fans Asking  Questions About Absence of Twin Daughters

Steve’s treatment of Marjorie’s children further exacerbated the family dynamic, especially his alleged preferential treatment of Lori. Marjorie’s kids were adopted and received the Harvey last name, with Lori enjoying special attention. The reported jealousy among the siblings over Lori’s fame intensified the family rift.

The children claimed they begged Steve not to marry Marjorie, expressing concerns about the impact on their family dynamic. Steve, however, dismissed their opinions, asserting financial support as the basis for his decision-making.

These recent revelations paint a grim picture of Steve Harvey as a father, with accusations of neglect, abuse, and favoritism. The family drama continues to unfold, leaving fans and observers shocked by the disturbing details. The question remains whether Marjorie’s alleged influence and Steve’s choices have irreversibly damaged the family bonds.

As the situation unfolds, public opinion is divided between those sympathizing with Steve’s children and those questioning the dynamics within the Harvey family. The severity of the allegations raises concerns about the impact on Steve Harvey’s public image and the relationships within his family.

Steve Harvey reacts to wife cheating on him

Steve Harvey – Trending news in the Hollywood industry reports that Steve Harvey’s wife has cheated on him with their chef and bodyguard.

According to trending reports, Marjorie has filed for divorce through her lawyers and is currently seeking half of Steve Harvey’s $400 million net worth.

Amidst the saga, Steve Harry has confirmed the reports that his wife has cheated on him with their private chef.

The award-winning comedian has released a press statement about the issue describing Marjoir as a whore.

He’s also asking for privacy in these hard times.

Steve Harvey Reacts To Wife CHEATING On Him With Bodyguard

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Who is Marjorie Harvey, Steve Harvey’s wife

Marjorie Harvey is a well-known figure in the world of fashion, entertainment, and philanthropy.

She is recognized for her marriage to comedian and television host Steve Harvey, as well as for her own endeavours in various fields. Here is some information about her:

Steve Harvey reacts to wife cheating on him - GhPage
Fashion and Style:

Marjorie Harvey is renowned for her impeccable fashion sense and style. She is often seen wearing elegant and fashionable outfits at various events.

Her sense of style has garnered her a significant following and has led to her being featured in numerous fashion publications and websites.

Relationship with Steve Harvey:

Marjorie Harvey is married to Steve Harvey, a popular comedian, actor, and television host. The couple tied the knot in 2007. Their relationship has been a subject of interest and attention, with both of them often sharing glimpses of their life together on social media.

Blended Family:

Both Marjorie and Steve Harvey have children from previous marriages, and together they have formed a blended family. They have been open about their experiences in navigating the complexities of blending families and have shared insights into their approach to parenting.


Marjorie Harvey has been involved in philanthropic efforts. She has been known to support various charitable causes and has participated in events and initiatives aimed at giving back to the community.

Inspirational Speaker:

Marjorie Harvey has also taken on the role of an inspirational speaker, sharing insights and advice on topics such as personal growth, empowerment, and relationships. Her talks have resonated with many audiences, and she has been invited to speak at various events.

Steve Harvey FAQs

Is Steve Harvey from Africa?

No, Steve Harvey is not from Africa. Steve Harvey was born on January 17, 1957, in Welch, West Virginia, United States.

He is an American comedian, actor, television host, and author.

While he has not been associated with being from Africa, he has had various roles in the entertainment industry and has become well-known for his comedic and hosting talents.

How much money is Steve Harvey has
Steve Harvey’s net worth is estimated to be around $400 million.

How much does Steve Harvey makes within a year
$45 million.


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