Wanda Smith “RESPONDS” to what Happened with her and Katt Williams

In the aftermath of her infamous roast with comedian Katt Williams, radio host Wanda Smith faced significant repercussions.

The heated on-air altercation between the two personalities led to Smith’s termination from V-103, an Atlanta-based radio station, in January 20191.

The incident involved personal attacks and efforts by Smith to undermine Williams during their exchange.

The clash between Katt Williams and Wanda Smith became a viral sensation, captivating audiences and sparking discussions about the inner workings of the entertainment industry.

While Smith’s career took a hit, the incident remains a memorable chapter in the world of radio and celebrity feuds.

For those curious about the details, the interview is definitely a “must-see” to witness the unfiltered exchange between these two outspoken figures23. 🎤🔥

Wanda Smith Katt Williams

Remember that viral video of Katt Williams dissing Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish before ETHERING a radio host?

Well, the host in question is responding to rumors that her hubby retaliated against Katt and brandished a weapon.

Wanda Smith of V-103’s “Frank And Wanda Morning Show” spoke on-air today about rumors that her spouse was so pissed off by Katt Williams that he pulled a gun on him outside of an ATL comedy club.

According to Wanda herself,  when she saw Katt outside of the Atlanta Comedy Theater he made a “beeline” for her and dissed her again before her husband LaMorriss Sellers intervened.

“When I walked outside the door I saw Katt Williams and his bodyguard walking up towards the comedy club,” said Wanda. “He made a beeline [towards me]. He said, “I told you effin’ with me would make you go viral!” […]

“That’s when my husband said, “Aye dawg, find something else to do dawg!” Then he [Katt] said, “I’ll jump on your big a** too!”

Wanda stopped short of denying that her husband pulled out a gun but noted that the police were called. She also added that she can’t confirm or deny anything for legal reasons.

“All the rumors that are out there, I can’t move forward,” said Wanda.

She also denied “playing the victim” and told her co-host Frank Ski that he should’ve stopped the interview—which is something she clearly could’ve done herself.

“I don’t like stuff like that,” said Wanda.” I did not wanna be going back and forth with him. That ain’t my thing, that’s not what I do. I didn’t say I blamed you [Frank Ski], but I felt like it could’ve been cut off at some point.”

Sounds a LOT like playing the victim to us, but hey, what do we know?

Katt’s told his side of the story to police…
Katt Williams

Paras Griffin/Getty Images for The Vanity Group

Hit the flip to see what he said.

The AJC reports that Katt Williams told authorities that Wanda’s husband “pointed a gun to his face.” According to a police report filed by the comic, Katt and his security guard fled to a nearby grocery store while LaMorris Sellers chased them.

The publication adds that Sellers admitted to having a gun on him but said it “fell from his waistband” and he never threatened anyone with it. (Riiiight)

“When asked if he had a gun on him, he said yes. LaMorris stated that as he was chasing Katt, his gun fell from his waistband and he bent to retrieve it however, he never pointed it at anyone.”

Video from the Food Depot showed Sellers chasing Williams but no evidence of a gun, the report said. The comedy theater management told the officer they couldn’t access the video from the club’s vantage point.”

Woo chile, the shenanigans.

What do YOU think about Wanda Smith’s husband allegedly pointing a gun at Katt Williams???

Update: The Gwinnett County police have released a statement on the incident.

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